World Cup Week 2: Messi vs. Ronaldo Follow Up

We’ve seen a lot of great matches since the World Cup started. An interesting storyline is the heroics, or lack of, from the greats Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. I wrote an article about this last week which you can find here.

It’s 1-0 in favor of Ronaldo after he willed his team to a draw with Portugal’s border rival Spain. Ronaldo netted a hat-trick completed by his 88th minute equalizer. Many have applauded Ronaldo’s incredible performance. He put Portugal in a great spot moving forward as Spain is the best team in Group B.


world cup, russia, soccer, footballMessi on the other hand didn’t have such a great week. He missed a penalty kick in the second half that would have given them the lead. Instead it was blocked and the match ended in a draw.

Argentina should easily win Group D, but this draw against Iceland is definitely a little concerning. This is Iceland’s first ever world cup. With a population of a little over 330,000 they are the world cup’s smallest nation.

There are still plenty of matches to be played. If this week tells you anything then we might be closer to finding out who really is the best player in the world.


What else is going on at the World Cup?

Another story I told you to watch was the Egyptian national team. They had a heartbreaking loss in the 89th minute against Uruguay. They were playing without their star Mohamed Salah who is out with a shoulder injury. He is expected to play in their match against the host nation Russia on Tuesday. This will be a huge test as Russia is coming off a massive 5-0 win against Saudi Arabia on Thursday.  


world cup, russia, soccer, footballWith group play continuing through Thursday June 28th there are plenty of great matches still to come. Elimination games begin on Saturday June 30th and will be made up of the group stage winners.


For all World Cup games you can tune into Fox as the have exclusive rights to broadcast the World Cup in the United States.



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