Why I Saw ‘A Star Is Born’ Four Times

My main source of entertainment has always been music. I’ve spent over half of my life either headbanging in the front row of a concert or dancing on the side stage. Interviewing bands, hanging out on tour buses and raging at after parties into the wee hours of the morning. The world of live music is full to the brim with excitement, creativity and a beautiful sense of belonging. Whether you’re a fan in the crowd or a friend behind the scenes, it’s like you belong to the coolest family in the universe. And A Star Is Born captures that excitement like no other movie ever has.

That Arizona Sky, Burning In Your Eyes

Taking you onstage with Jackson Maine, opening the film with the unforgettable riff of  “Black Eyes”, the soundtrack is one for the (no pun intended), record books. Setting the bar high for the music production, once you’re introduced to Ally and she starts humming ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ before belting out ‘La Vie En Rose’, it’s time to settle in for exquisite doses of both ear and eye candy. Every song is so perfectly crafted to fit the movie and the scenes playing before your eyes, never missing a beat. My favorite part has to be the built-up excitement of Ally going to Jackson’s show and performing “Shallow”  for the first time, followed very closely by the performance of “Always Remember Us This Way”.

Let’s be honest: I love Lady Gaga. Her voice is absolute gold velvet bliss and I could listen to her sing for hours. And I adore the bejeezus out of Bradley Cooper and over the years, he has become one of my favorite actors. But together, these two simply left me speechless with their near-perfect portrayals. Everything about their performances was effortless, charismatic, heartfelt and believable. I was continuously rooting for Ally and blown away by her talent. I fell in love with Jackson Maine and simply wanted to save him myself. As his directorial debut, Cooper should be SO proud of all of the choices he made for shooting and framing this film. It’s so personal and intimate and doesn’t feel scripted at all.

I Don’t Lie, Without An Alibi

I saw this movie four times in the theater. The first time, I went by myself. I wanted to experience it with no distractions (plus I really like going to movies alone). The second and third times were with close friends and finally, I took my aunt to experience it. Each time, the movie got better and better. I sang along and air drummed while stilling getting goosebumps and becoming super emotional throughout the entire film. And yes: everyone I took with me absolutely loved it!

A Star Is Born truly captures the importance of music, the importance of love and most of all, the importance of being true to who you are. Showing the demise of a star as another one rises, it really is the epitome of a rock and roll fairy tale, wrapped up with a huge dose of reality.

Finally, if you haven’t seen this one yet, do yourself a favor and GO! Get lost in the world of Jackson and Ally and see their story in theaters while you can.  And who knows, if you’re in Raleigh: you may see me there!

Fun fact:

The very last shot of the movie is when the actual star… is born.

Other ‘Music Movies’ I Love:

Empire Records, Almost Famous, Girl, Detroit Rock City, That Thing You Do

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