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David & JasonMeet the Guys

David Dobrik and Jason Nash both rose to the fame on the once popular app, Vine. Through making comedic skits and edits, the two separately generated their own fans and fame. It wasn’t until a run-in at a comedy club that the odd pair came together. Fast forward three years, Jason and David are best friends and work together to grow each others Youtube channels. However, what really makes these two unique is their age gap. Jason is divorced, with kids, and nearing 46 years old, making his friendship with a 21 year old an unlikely pairing.


What do they talk about?

As you can imagine the opinions of a 21 year old and a 46 year old don’t always align. Their conversations range from relationship issues, pop culture drama and current events, with the chemistry between them being incredible. Jason is often pushing David to talk about more personal subject matter and David often deflects to talk about bigger issues. Between the jokes and laughter, these two are sure to keep you entertained and know just vlog squadhow to leave you wanting more!

When you to listen to David and Jason, the entertainment doesn’t stop, especially when they discuss the ups and downs of living in L.A. with semi-celebrity status. The two recall stories of nightclubs, run-ins, awkward dates, and gossip within their group of friends. David films a daily vlog and features his core group of friends, one being Jason. It’s cool to hear David discuss his relationships with his friends as well as getting to see it on Youtube for yourself.


jason nash

What’s YOUR View?

You can get Views on Spotify and Itunes, with new uploads every Thursday. Take a listen and hear not only what it’s like to be a social influencer but also how a 46 year old manages to keep up with a group of young adults as they all shoot for fame.

Do you listen to VIEWS or is there a podcast you suggest we check out? Tell us in the comments below!


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