Catching The Gallant Vibe

It’s funny how you stumble across albums unintentionally. I was listening to my regular music repeats, and thanks to Spotify, I found this album. I’d accidentally hit something on the app which lead me to Gallant’s Ology. With the vibe making its way into my ears, I was shocked I’d never came across it. It’s safe to say I kept giving it a listen and didn’t look back.


A Shout-Out to Musicianship

gallant, vibes, ologyIf anything, a major thing to look at is Christopher Gallant’s phenomenal vocals. This guy has a stunning range and a unique sound that you don’t find often. You honestly must be a powerhouse to tug emotions from me with your voice.

I can honestly say his vocals are passionate and reflects his impressive writing skills as well. I appreciate how refined the lyrics are in each of his songs. Every song has a story and his vocals present them in such a way.



Catching the Vibe

gallant, vibes, ologyThe album track list a lengthy one. A stand-out for me was “Talking to Myself.” Truthfully, the hook in that song is going to catch anyone immediately. It stays true to R&B, but provides a pop-type feel as well. “Bone + Tissue” was also a track that caught my attention.


What I notice most about this song is the lyrical content. It’s like a memoir of Gallant’s and raises questions of the everyday human. “Bourbon” has similar aspects where darker undertones are used within the lyrics.

What’s most cool is how the songs capture both contemporary and older styles.


Knowing What’s Real

Consistent throughout his entire album, Gallant raises questions that other R&B artists simply don’t. It’s always great to find an album refrain from the easy surface and go for deeper inspiration. That’s essentially what I’m most able to appreciate here. Ology is refreshing and Gallant’s take on the genre is what makes it truly his own.


Isaiah Cheek

Isaiah is a college student  from North Carolina and an Emerging Artist Contributor for On The Scene. 

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