Twenty One Pilots Launches New Design Contest

They’re back, and we couldn’t be more ready! With the release of the newest album, Trench, punk-rap rockers, Twenty Øne Piløts need their fans’ help promoting their new music. Creative Allies has announced their collaboration with the duo again through a tour poster design contest.


The TØP Sound

twenty one pilots, creative allies, contest, design, banditoHailing from Columbus, Ohio, Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have mesmerized fans of all ages for nearly ten years now. Their unique style of techno, pop/punk/rap meshed with their dark, yet uplifting lyrics creates experiences audience members never forget.  The duo has been known to promote mental health and suicide awareness through their songs such as “Car Radio” and “The Run and Go.” Fans from all over the globe have expressed the connection they have felt to Tyler and Josh’s lyrics. Personally, I’ve been a fan of TØP for about two years now. A favorite of mine is “Truce,” a simple, quiet ballad that might make you ball your eyes out. Not only does this duo have a knack for writing music, but they also stay engaged with their fans.

Skeleton Clique Fans

Known as the “Skeleton Clique,” TØP fans have shown dedication and genuine love to support their favorite band. Eclectic outfits and handmade posters to name a couple. In an interview with Illinois’ 105.7 The Point, Tyler described their fan base as “the very first all-inclusive clique.” He expressed how proud he and Josh are to represent a group of caring, passionate people. They’ve particularly been known to give concert shout-outs and take pictures with fans in long lines after all.

Branding Music Through Art

Fans of TØP have shown to be creative, outspoken individuals. From our contests with TØP alone, we’ve seen hundreds of unique designs based on the band’s influence. In fact, TØP  is a great example of branding when it comes to music marketing. Every musician is looking for a specific “identity” through a graphic designer’s work. Whether it’s brand a specific album, for example, artists also want work that transcends packaging. They want something that people will remember.

Bandito Tour Outreach

Twenty Øne Piløts is no exception as they embark on their second design contest with Creative Allies. Not only do they want amazing artwork featured on their tour posters, but they also want to give back. Thirty-two winners for this contest will be picked to represent each city they will visit during their Bandito tour. The contest has been open mid-March. With over 3,000 submissions so far, the total has surpassed the 2016 contest. Here are a couple of my favorites:

twenty one pilots, creative allies, contest, design, bandito
Designed by Hobag86

The mask brings back memories of me screaming at the Emotional Roadshow Tour. 


twenty one pilots, creative allies, contest, design, bandito
Designed by DylanSpeeg

This design shows the effortless edginess the boys bring to their image.  


Design Your Own Fanart

If you or someone you know from the Skeleton Clique is interested in submitting a design, get started here:  

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