Ten Minute Creative: Jose Mireles, Web Designer

Allow us to introduce you to Jose Mireles, Senior Web Designer at Walk West.

Being a full-service, digital-first agency that specializes in web design and development, social media, video production, media training, SEO, content marketing, as well as government and public affairs, it takes a special kind of creative direction to to ensure a seamless digital launch.

We sat down with Jose to find out what intrigues him about art, his favorite design tool and what makes him “creative“.

Why are you a designer?
To make the world a better place or at least look like a better place. I’ve always been intrigued by the arts and love the competitiveness in the design space. In the beginning, I underestimated just how tough it is in the design world but the people that enjoy the hustle are that ones that swim and I like to believe that I’m swimming. In the end, being a lifetime student of the arts is what makes me a designer.

I’m intrigued that there’s always going to be something new that will make my jaw drop and have me wondering how I didn’t think of that first?!

How did you get started?
Originally, I wanted to be a photographer. However, in my sophomore year of high school, I took a course called Mass Media where I was introduced to Photoshop and from then on, I was hooked. I decided that superimposing myself on EVERYTHING was my career choice! More than a few years later, I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and moved to North Carolina for my first full time designer job for an online gaming magazine as a production artist. I eventually made my way to O3 which became Walk West.

What are your favorite design tools?
Call it a cop-out but the mind has to be my favorite tool. There are dozens of ways to design a website and with the brilliant minds of our design, marketing and project management teams to tap into, it’s a crime not to have an open mind for feedback, inspiration and even a good laugh to keep your ideas coming along.

People I engage with and the research involved in every project from daily interactions to people I’ve never met with inspiring portfolios are more valuable than any program can account for.


What makes you creative?

Being creative comes from a multitude of sources: experience, trial and error, research and people. In a nutshell, experience is putting in the time and respecting the idea that good design doesn’t usually come overnight. With trial and error, it’s the ability to come to the conclusion that your first idea may not work. As for research, riding into any battle with a plan never hurt anyone. Understanding your competition, knowing what’s been done and what you can do better will only further your designs. Finally, people as mentioned before are a wealth of knowledge…if you ask the right questions.

Portfolio Pieces:

Stay tuned for more profiles on creatives in and around our community who inspire and encourage us to continue on our own creative journey. We hope they do the same for you!

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