Talent In The Triangle: The John Wall Invitational

charlotteGrowing up in Charlotte, North Carolina, I cherished the long hours spent shooting hoops out in my driveway. I would shoot until it was dark out. Or until the dreaded shouted threats of punishments and chores came from my mother. (Usually it was the latter.) Growing up in the biggest city in NC, I was sure Charlotte was the best basketball territory in the state. It wasn’t until Middle School that I gained exposure to other teams while traveling with AAU basketball.

invitationStarting that Summer, I played in many tournaments around the Triangle Area. Or more noteworthy: I lost in a lot of tournaments around the Triangle Area. It was eye-opening to see all the talent the area possessed. Yet, the experience inspired me. I kept up with the Triangle basketball scene throughout my youth and still do present day.

The John Wall Invitational tournament has been held at Broughton High in Raleigh since 2016. Founded by Raleigh native, NBA All-Star John Wall, this tournament has featured some of the top high school prospects from around the US since its inauguration.

Two players from the 2016 tournament, DeAndre Ayton and Kevin Knox, are already pursuing their professional dreams. Both are projected to be top 10 picks in this years NBA draft! Many experts are even predicting that Ayton will actually be the no.1 pick in the draft. john wall

Finally, with the NBA draft coming up in a few short weeks, it will be interesting to see where both Ayton and Knox end up. 2017 was no different and brought an abundance of talent with many nationally ranked players committed to triangle schools such as UNC (Coby White), Duke (Joey Baker), and NC State (Ian Steere).

Next week

The John Wall Invitational is just one example of how The Triangle is cementing itself as the basketball hub for the state of North Carolina. Because of the many high profile participants and alumni from The Triangle area that have impacted the tournament while promoting it’s tremendous cause, we’ll be taking at look at The Josh Level Classic.

Stay tuned!

rossRoss Jeffries is currently a rising senior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing an Honors B.A in Political Science. Ross is an Account Management Associate at Creative Allies. Charlotte-born, Ross is drawn to the exciting sporting and entertainment opportunities at Creative Allies and its surrounding areas. He has worked with a variety of non-profit youth sports camps and one day hopes to create one of his own.

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