Ready Player One: Yes!

Adapted from Ernest Cline’s 2011 best-selling novel, Ready Player One was a film I saw recently. It all started as a typical movie night where I was searching and searching for something to watch. The fact that this is a Steven Spielberg film was what drew me into watching it.

I typically feel assured that almost any film of his will be a quality production. However, you can’t always rely on credentials so I needed to see everything firsthand.  I was actually familiar of the hype surrounding the film earlier this year as it was released in March. All that goes to say, I wanted to see what all the buzz was about.

A Step Into The Oasis

Tye SheridanReady Player One, steven spielberg, isaiah cheek, creative allies, on the scene, raleigh movie reviews, the oasis leads in the film as Wade Watts, an orphan amongst many others in the collapsed future. He and many other global citizens long to escape the reality of the world through the Oasis. The Oasis is an open virtual reality online community where players have no limits on their imagination. The best way to explain this is it’s essentially similar to a video game. The main plot of the film is about preserving the Oasis from a corporation led by Ben Mendelsohn (Nolan Sorrento). He is NOT a good guy.

The creator of the Oasis (who is deceased) hides an Easter egg within the virtual world for players to obtain. Wade and his group of friends want to prevent any evil control of the Oasis. Set on their goal, the film follows them through their journey to save the both the virtual and real world.

Through The Lens

Ready Player One, steven spielberg, isaiah cheek, creative allies, on the scene, raleigh movie reviews, the oasisSomething that stood out to me most throughout the film was its underlying messages. The take on the social aspects of online gaming was interesting. Typically most people who game, like myself sometimes, use it as a way to kind of escape reality. Gaming, or much of anything you do online really, is taking break from things. This is portrayed well in the film’s setting. A collapsed society literally drove every citizen into a virtual world, the Oasis.

From this viewpoint, the sometimes discouraging outlook on gamers can be taken into perspective. Many gamers and people who spend time online rely on it solely for this reason. It is refreshing to see how this is wrapped into the movie. Reality can definitely be a heavy weight for everyday people. Sometimes you want to just hop into another world and make that your reality for a moment!

Never-Failing Spielberg Visuals

Ready Player One, steven spielberg, isaiah cheek, creative allies, on the scene, raleigh movie reviews, the oasisAs for cinematic presentation, I loved the effects in Ready Player One. There wasn’t a dull moment and I appreciated the detail of visuals from start to finish. I honestly am not a 3D person, but I would have loved to see this in 3D. Better yet, a VR headset. Fitting.

The various array of colors and environments for The Oasis was honestly unbelievable. It all made you feel much immersed in the world. I wanted to turn on a system and hop right in there myself! The representation in this area was amazing, probably the best I’ve seen all year. Even if you don’t dig the storyline, the graphics alone will make up for it I promise.

You’ve Found An Advocate

With that said, I say the film is definitely a must-watch. There isn’t much to not like about it, especially for gamers alike. In fact, I want to watch it a second time and see if I can spot any Easter eggs the film itself might have. Well now that there’s no real excuse, go check out Spielberg’s Ready Player One!


isaiah cheek, steven spielbergIsaiah is a college student  from North Carolina and an Emerging Artist Contributor for On The Scene. 

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