Music to Rock Your New Years Eve

This year has absolutely rocked when it comes to head-banging, kick ass music. In no particular order, add these loud, heavy and scream-worthy hits to your New Years playlist. And then turn it up to 11! (Spinal Tap, anyone?)

Nothing More – Go To War

‘Go To War’ will definitely have you screaming at the top of your lungs! Nothing More’s follow up album, ‘The Stories We Tell Ourselves’ proves that their rise to the top is nothing more than well deserved. Nominated for three Grammy’s, one can only hope that the music industry knows what’s good for them and has these guys perform. If you’ve ever seen Nothing More live, you know what I’m talking about. This band is changing the rock music scene and I love the direction they’re taking it.

Asking Alexandria – Into the Fire

After a dramatic couple of years, Asking Alexandria are back & better than ever! The release of their self-titled album was well worth the wait as the vocal work along with the instrumentation is ridiculously impressive. Reuniting with vocalist, Danny Worsnop, ‘Into the Fire’ thunders with passion and soaring emotion. Worsnop’s voice is so powerful and he never fails to unleash that noteworthy scream.

NERD ALERT: This song is set as my current alarm clock. Waking up to those synthesized “woah-ohs” gets me amped in the morning!

Greta Van Fleet – Highway Song

This song is simply too fun to not have on this list. I love bands that can mix the classic rock style into something fresh and current. Like some of my favorite bands Wolfmother and Crobot, Greta Van Fleet have taken that mixture and made it their own. Adding a more bluesy flair to their Zeppelin like sound, the pipes on singer Josh Kiszka are crazily comparable to Robert Plant.

Starset – Monster

I have always been a fan of a good electronic-rock band and Starset is a near perfect combination. This band is on a whole different level of rock awesomeness. Some have compared them to a more electronic Linkin Park, simply meaning: they are THAT good. Starset are on a mission to bring a multi-media musical experience that not only entertains but also makes their audience think. Be sure to check out their current album, ‘Vessels‘.

 The Relentless – We Lose Control

Even though The Relentless is not a real band, the music that came out of the movie, ‘American Satan‘ is what rock and roll is all about. With vocals from Palaye Royale‘s Remmington Leith, this song is a beyond perfect rock & roll homage to 80s LA glam rock while still remaining current and fresh. I blare this in my car often and have received a few odd stares as I jam out to the end chant. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What did you rock out to this year? Tell us your favorite rock song in the comments below!

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