Paramore Brings Tour 5 to Raleigh

Paramore RaleighParamore is a hugely successful pop/rock band from Tennessee. With hits ranging from “Ain’t it Fun” to “You Are The Only Exception, they have songs that appeal to a huge variety of fans. Their After Laughter album is their fifth, making this “Tour 5”. The veteran band’s experience shined through when they performed in Raleigh, NC at the Red Hat Ampitheater.

Parmore RaleighAs soon as lead singer, Hayley Williams, hit the stage, the crowd went insane, with the band immediately bringing the energy. Everyone rose to their feet and were dancing by the end of the first song. They went into one of their biggest hits, Still Into You, and the crowd sang along to every word. It wasn’t until after the third song that Hayley took a pause to address the audience. The crowd settled and listened to every word she had to say as she truly took command of the venue. “It’s been a while, Raleigh,” Hayley said, her words met by loud cheers. “The last time I was here, I wasn’t in a good place. I mean, let’s be honest,” she joked with the crowd, hinting at a darker time in her life. Paramore continued with their first set, ending with “Pool”, before getting off stage for a quick break.

hayley paramore raleighThird Times the Charm

They returned less than ten minutes later to perform a few acoustic songs as well as a cover of Drake’s “Passion Fruit”. This part of the concert was much more slow as the energy had turned from ecstatic to calm. If you’re going to one of their concerts, this would be the point in the show when you can take a seat. Hayley even commented, “After this next song we’re going to get back to dancing.” However, the break and change in tone was welcomed by everyone in the audience.

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The highlight of the entire show was their performance of “Misery Business”. The energy in the crowd was electric! Before the final chorus in the song, they took pause to look for someone in the crowd to join them up on stage. Hayley noticed a sign that said, “Third times to charm.” She asked “You’ve tried three times? But I never noticed you? Well, I guess third time’s the charm…” and then the girl holding the sign was pulled on stage. Hayley introduced her to the audience and then she sang and danced with Hayley as they both finished the song together.

Paramore created a welcoming environment that encouraged everyone there to let loose and enjoy the music. Hayley had amazing vocals throughout every song and the band was high energy throughout! If you ever get a chance to go see Paramore, they are a must see!

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