Netflix and Chill(out) in June

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO are always in a battle over which platform holds the best content for its users. Recently, Netflix released a list of new content they would be adding to their platform for the month of June. And with their variety of new hit movies, they are clearly upping the ante on the competition.

With so many new hours of content, it would be impossible (for most people, although I know there’s some) to comb through all these movie possibilities. But have no fear!  Here are three movies coming to Netflix this month that you don’t want to miss. You’re welcome!

Miracle movieMiracle

Set to start streaming June 1st, Miracle is great for those hoping to see a fantastic sports movie or simply looking for a thrilling patriotic victory for America. Miracle tells the true story of an old player-turned-coach (Herb Brooks) who led the American Hockey team to a victory over a dominant Russian squad in the 1980 winter Olympics. This movie crafts the narrative of a true underdog and is great to watch anywhere and with any age and audience (although maybe not particularly a Russian favorite).



ThorThor: Ragnarok

Coming to Netflix on June 5th, Thor: Ragnarok is another can’t miss Marvel Film. New director, Taika Waititi, gives the Avenger a newfound sense of humor, adding a whole new depth to Thor’s personality in the 3rd film of the series. Waititi incorporates this newfound humor harmoniously with the action we are used to seeing in Thor’s past adventures. Disney has produced another superhero box office hit! Continue to ride the Marvel wave on Netflix with Thor.



Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Finally, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to debut on June 26th. While this title doesn’t come utill the end of the month, it’s certainly worth the wait. The second out of the new Star Wars trilogy, The Last Jedi provides a deep story-line combined with non-stop action. While The Last Jedi is one of the top grossing box office hits of all time, Netflix is granting users an opportunity to watch this dynamic movie at their convenience and most importantly, for free. The first movie of the trilogy (The Force Awakens) is also available. I highly recommend spending a lazy day watching them both if you haven’t.


No matter your movie tastes or preferences, these hits coming to Netflix this June are sure to provide entertainment and a great movie experience. So grab your popcorn, settle in… and may the force be with you.

Click here for a complete list of all of Netflix’s releases in June.

rossRoss Jeffries is currently a rising senior at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill pursuing an Honors B.A in Political Science. Ross is an Account Management Associate at Creative Allies. Charlotte-born, Ross is drawn to the exciting sporting and entertainment opportunities at Creative Allies and its surrounding areas. He has worked with a variety of non-profit youth sports camps and one day hopes to create one of his own.

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