Wednesday Campanella: Music Has No Language Barriers

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time digging into music. It’s normal to see a playlist of mine range from all types of genres and countries.

In my opinion, all music is worthy of listening to.  Recent searches of mine always lead to phenomenal artists based out of Japan.

After my recent discovery of the electro-pop group, Wednesday Campanella, I’ve become a pretty big fan of Japanese music.

Qualities That Blend

Wednesday CampanellaWednesday Campanella, also known as Suiyoubi no Campanella, is a music group that’s blown up remarkably in Japan. Their unique musical style centers around electronic, pop, and EDM to name a few.

As a team consisting of three people, their unique talents are able to mesh together and create some pretty phenomenal-sounding music. Lead performer and singer of the group is the captivating KOM_I, followed by songwriter Kenmochi Hidefumi, and Dir. F who serves as manager.

Riding The J-Pop Wave

I wasn’t aware of the popularity that centered on Wednesday Campanella before my discovery. The band has grown in popularity since early 2015. They are now on a major label, Warner Music Japan. During this time, listeners of the group were worried for their decision to sign to a major label.

The issue here, as seen with many bands, is the decrease in appeal once signing to major labels. Fans of the group in Japan witnessed the troubles of joining major labels with other favorite indie groups. As it often goes, these indie groups seem to make the biggest impressions with their fans independently.

It is natural that listeners hoped Wednesday Campanella’s fate would turn for the best. This has certainly been the case as the group continues to put out some remarkable music that the masses consistently jam to (even me).

Musical Dynamics

Their music is so distinctive. There’s a heaving focus on electronic pop tunes that intertwine rap, unusual Wednesday Campanellachorus, and occasional spoken-word. This unique mix adds to the originality. Although the group’s lyrical content is written in Japanese, you can still easy to dive right in their music and become captivated by the beats.

Their track “Ikkyu-san” from their album SUPERMAN is one that I’ve had on repeat lately. The track captures the band’s creative ability to infuse funky disco with modern, electronic sounds. The group’s music videos are incredibly charming and quirky.

Check out the video for their single “Melos” to witness some awesome visuals. I’m already on the lookout for any upcoming music by the group. At this point I’d recommend you sit back, take a listen, and become a fan as quickly as I have!



Isaiah CheekIsaiah is a college student  from North Carolina and an Emerging Artist Contributor for On The Scene. 

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