Motionless in White: Making Big Moves in Metal

miwbannernewOn Halloween, Creative Allies launched a campaign for a band called Motionless in White. They were looking to engage their fan base to design a cover for their new album, Graveyard Shift, and we were excited to partner on this project. Rather than hitting up our community exclusively or simply sharing a post about the contest, Chris “Motionless” Cerulli recorded a video about the contest on their website for fans. Within days, we were curating hundreds of designs, and it begged the question from our management, Who are these guys?

Motionless in White, a gothic metalcore band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, is becoming a music juggernaut. Entering the music scene in 2005, Motionless in White started out on a small indie label based in Raleigh, NC before signing with larger labels such as Fearless, and now Roadrunner Records, featuring artists like Korn and Slipknot.  They have broken out amongst the plethora of Warped Tour bands to be one of the few to stake their claim in a genre that is often lost in a culture of pop icons.

miw-content-blockMotionless in White is known for a combination of clean and scream vocals and has garnered a cult-like following among the gothic/metal/industrial crowd. With millions of fans worldwide, many identifying as “Motionless in White Army,” they continue to engage their fans at every step in their success.  The Graveyard Shift album cover is not the only time Motionless in White called upon their fans for their creative input.  On their 2010 album, Creatures, the band encouraged fans to send in lyrics, which were compiled on the title track.  All the lines found in the song (excluding the chorus) are lyrics submitted by fans.

There is no doubt that the tides have changed in marketing to focus more on understanding and engaging fans, clients and consumers.  Social engagement is vital to maintaining and fostering relationships with an existing fan base while growing it in today’s segmented economy base. Motionless in White has leveraged this concept like marketing pros with fans waiting with baited breath for their next move. We look forward to following this exciting band and seeing what’s next for Motionless in White.

For more information about Motionless in White and designing the cover for Graveyard Shift, click here.

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