Left Coast Wanderlust: The New Mastersounds

Whats up, West Coast?

Today we are exploring something super cool I got to do. It all started with a few simple emails that lead to a very fun night with The New Mastersounds.

“Hey would you all like to do an interview with me?” – Me
“Sure let’s all grab dinner!” – The New Mastersounds
*internally questioning if I know how to eat in front of strangers* – My Brain
“Okay, that sounds great!” – Me Again

That was how my email thread went that lead to me eating an awesome meal with an even more awesome band. The New Mastersounds, a soul-funk-jazz group, originally from Leeds, U.K., were finishing up with their last three days of a very long and exciting tour here in the US , when they met up with me at Shakedown Bar in Vail, Colorado. I was nervous, excited, and curious to see what a soul-funk band from Leeds could possibly be like.

Dinner with The Band

To my embarrassment, I mistakenly referred to the bar’s owner, Scott, as one of the band and quickly found myself very confused in a room full of laughter. Scott is a local favorite around the Vail Valley and does an excellent job bringing top notch acts to town. And also getting them to come back. It was very clear from the beginning that The New Mastersounds were excited to be performing for a Vail crowd. But they were even more excited to be doing it at Shakedown!

If you are ever in town and enjoy live music, this is definitely the local way of doing it. Check out their schedule here. Being a local, you may think I’m biased but I’m being honest! This is hands down one of my favorite places to go in Vail.

After a very quick (and promising !) soundcheck, we headed down the street to a swanky restaurant named Russells. During the walk, the band introduced themselves and asked me growing up in Vail.  They also told me about some of their adventures on the road. TNMS (this will be what I call them from here on out because let’s be honest it’s a lot to repeat) have played in California, New York, the Carolina, Connecticut, Colorado, Oregon, and Tennessee just to name a few states.

So now: why Vail? Why a small mountain town with no more than 5500 residents? Simple: the fans. This bar may be small but it was packed full of people getting DOWN to The New Mastersounds, don’t believe me? Here’s a short clip from their set.

When I asked Simon, the bands drummer, about how they gained such a loyal following in the Vail Valley, he responded, “We love coming here! I don’t even know how many times we’ve come and we love it”.  And the fans here truly love them back. Although Shakedown is small, it can hold up to 200 people. Scott informed me that the online sales sold out. People came in from all around the valley for this late Wednesday show and the band did NOT disappoint. These four English men honestly look like they are having the time of their lives every time they perform.

Simon on drums with Eddie on lead guitar, Peter on Bass and Joe playing the Keys make for an unforgettable sound. I will admit to not being the most adamant fan of soul funk or jazz but something about the way they hit all those chords and could jam for (what seemed like) hours really kept me entertained!

From left to right: Simon, Peter, Eddie and Joe
I originally came prepared for this interview dinner with my usual questions: what’s next, why music, why funk, how’d you get here. But I left with answers to almost none of the above. Over a very short and entertaining dinner, I learned more about the band than I have in all of my other interviews combined. They all are great friends, love the outdoors (in fact one is an avid sailor) and have wives and children that miss them very much. It’s very easy when you go and watch a band to forget that at the end of the day, they are just a group of people doing what they love.

I can say with confidence that I would attend another show of The New Mastersounds if given the chance in a heartbeat. If not for the music, simply for their overall amazing spirit!

MaggieMaggie Shaffer is a recent college graduate, receiving her B.A. in Communications from High Point University. She is originally from Colorado and is an Account Management Associate at Creative Allies. Maggie loves all things music and hopes to one day attend a concert on (almost) every continent in the world.

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