Left Coast Wanderlust: Hello Colorado!

radoEvery state has something special to offer its residents and visitors alike. While many trends come and go along with the seasons, some break free of their temporary “fad” status. They become permanently intertwined with a community’s culture. Many young people all around the country spend their time at their local corner hang out, enjoying small live bands and drinking very specific craft brews.

Colorado is no different.

hikingIn fact, as a Colorado native, I feel confident in saying that we spend most, if not all, of our time outdoors. Yes. I really mean ALL. Camping, hiking, skiing, biking. If its outside, we are probably doing it 365 days a year. Which is why so many millennials are moving here every single year. Colorado is being flooded with young people from all over the country. It’s because they’re excited to live and entertain at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Did you know that over 77,000 residents moved to Colorado in 2017 alone? And it’s safe to say there are plenty of fresh new ideas coming with them.

colorado music venueSummertime in the west is full of exciting opportunities to not only listen to exceptional music but to do so in one of a kind venues and spaces. Denver alone is home to 27 different auditoriums, amphitheaters, and music venues created to enjoy both local and international talent year round. The west coast music scene is predominantly located in California. However Colorado is slowly becoming a Mecca of its own for new and exciting artists.

AmphitheaterMusic, in general, along with the outdoors and small business are major cornerstones of Colorado living. They all are huge positive players in the state’s economy. This blog series hopes to shed light on a typical Colorado summer and all that the beautiful state has to offer. Whether it be an award-winning beer and food festival or a legendary show at Red Rocks Amphitheater, you’ll learn about it all.

Next episode: Going To Utah!

Focused all on the outdoor community, some campfire tunes and a “Jeeping” family that calls Moab, Utah home. Interested? Stay tuned!

Maggie Shaffer is a recent college graduate, receiving her B.A. in Communications from High Point University. She is originally from Colorado and is an Account Management Associate at Creative Allies. Maggie loves all things music and entertainment related and hopes to one day attend a concert on (almost) every continent in the world.

Guest contributors are the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Creative Allies Inc. or its affiliates.


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