Kids Sees Ghost Take On Life Messes

Kids See Ghosts” combines the unique musical styles of Kanye West and Kid Cudi into one album that creates and takes the voice of the many messes in our lives: anxieties, problems and delusions in society. The album specifically expresses some of the experiences and troubles the rappers have been through themselves. The album reflects how fame feeds into these “messes” and can make them worse if we don’t look into ourselves. Both Kanye and Kid Cudi have struggled with mental illness during their fame.

This album enlightens listeners to some of the problems we don’t see in the lives of pop-artists. Kanye and Kid Cudi express these problems through their lyrical works and writing. In particular, the song “Reborn” shows a lot of the hardships that constant fame and entertainment can bring. “I was off the chain, I was often drained” and “what an awesome thing, engulfed in shame”. These lines show how tiring constantly being in the public eye can be.

“Reborn” doesn’t just focus on these hardships…

…but also shows a light at the end of the tunnel. It serves as a starting guide to battling these “life messes”. The main lyric repeated by Kid Cudi during the chorus is “I’m so reborn, I’m moving forward, keep moving forward”. This clearly delivers a message on perseverance through hardships. This line focuses on moving past your struggles. It shows me that regardless of the issues we are currently facing, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. We just have to keep moving towards it.

While “Reborn” is one of seven songs featured on “Kids See Ghosts”, it paints a great picture of the album as a whole. Even more, check out what the rest of the album has to offer, and remember “keep moving forward”.

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