J.Cole: Not Falling Off Anytime Soon

Only fourteen months after 4 Your Eyez Only in 2016,  J.Cole released the album KOD which has topped charts J.Cole, KOD, hip-hop, rap, album globally. The name of the album, according to J. Cole, has three meanings. KOD can mean Kids On Drugs, King Overdose, or Kill Our Demons.

As indicated even from the album cover art, the rapper chose to take a more mature and conscious approach with songs such as ‘ATM’ and ‘Motiv8’, which have beats similar to today’s rap, but his lyricism is on a different level.  

Was That A Dis?

The album has a mellow, yet powerful tone with references about his life from childhood to present day, and also speaks to the music of our current society.  In his song, ‘1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”)’, J.Cole uses an old school rhyme scheme and beat to dis the rapper ‘Lil Pump’ in the sneakiest of ways.

Instead of the outright call outs we are used to in the rap feuds of today, J.Cole teaches Pump a lesson through a story about his own rap career and how he has developed in the music industry.  He also heavily describes how rap today is beat-centric rather than lyrical, subjecting trend rappers to short careers. J.Cole is no one to mess with.

An Album For Today’s Generation

J.Cole, KOD, hip-hop, rap, albumHis focus on relevant issues began on his previous album, but with KOD, J.Cole expresses his thoughts as a teacher, even a father figure, to Millennial and Gen Z listeners. J.Cole’s KOD is a refreshing change to the radio repeats playing currently.

His strong views on our generation of music are clearly stated in this album in an old school type vibe. KOD’s lyrics are candid, thought-provoking and sharp. There have been some negative reviews on the album, but these negative reviews are strongly based on the beats, which reigns heavy in this era, rather than the lyrical content.

Mixing The Old With The New

As a 16-year-old girl with an broad and eclectic knowledge of music from 70s to now across multiple genres, it is exciting to hear artists focusing on something different, and creating a new-old vibe of music.

KOD confirms J.Cole is hands down one of the best artists of our generation.


Diana Garland is a high school scholar and athlete from North Carolina. 

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