Instagram TV: Everything You Need To Know

To celebrate the accomplishment of reaching one billion users, Instagram recently revealed their new app Instagram TV, or IGTV for short. It is a video-based app separately downloaded from the original Instagram. And it’s bringing revolutionary features that will change the way we view social media.

But have no fear! Lets break down everything you need to know and give you a head start into IGTV world.


Vertical Videos: IGTV will utilize vertical, full screen videos that take up the entire phone screen. Everyone can post up to 10 minute long videos. Verified Instagram accounts (the ones with blue check marks) will be able to post up to 60 minute long videos. These vertical phone videos are easily filmed and uploadable from the same native phone instantly.

Channels: Every Instagram account will have their own channel for IGTV. When following someone on  Instagram, their IGTV channel will automatically show up as an option for you to watch. This allows accounts of all sizes to interact with their followers and spread their social media messages.

Categories: IGTV will also offer users a few different video categories to engage with. The app will feature: “For You”, “Following”, “Popular” and “Keep Watching” video playlists. These lists will allow viewers to watch videos from already followed accounts. Or branch out to new, popular, and recommended videos that fit their taste.

Interact: Finally, IGTV will incorporate it’s Direct feature that will allow users to like, comment, and send videos to others. Bringing an efficient feature users are comfortable with into a new, innovative video setting is a great move.

Will YOU Be Using Instagram TV?

IGTV is great for any business, creator, or brand that wants to spread their ideas and thoughts to a younger generation in an innovative video form.

Tell us about your thoughts on IG TV below!

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