The Infamous Stringdusters talk custom Crosley Turntable design with Creative Allies

On October 19th, we launched the official Infamous Stringdusters® Design Contest, calling on our designer community and fans alike to create original artwork inspired by the band to be featured on the exterior of a custom Crosley® Cruiser portable record player. Artists have submitted dozens of designs so far, and the band is gearing up to pick their winner at the start of the holidays.

We caught up with fiddler Jeremy Garrett from the award-winning newgrass-jam band to discuss our first-ever design contest with Crosley Radio® and get a behind the scenes look at their recent grammy nomination and appearance on The Late Show.



CREATIVE ALLIES:  We’re pumped to see what our designer community comes up with for a Custom Crosley® turntable design. How do you feel about being officially featured on such an iconic name for vinyl lovers, and what inspired you to partner with Creative Allies to create this exciting new project?

JEREMY:  Every music aficionado I ever talked to all agree on one thing: vinyl is the best listening experience. One of our band’s goals is to keep alive the highest musical integrity that we can.  We all have practiced countless hours to be able to execute detail in our art form and also play high quality instruments with impeccable tone worthy of a vinyl listening experience. Thus we thought it would be best to partner with the coolest people in the vinyl industry to make it happen.

CREATIVE ALLIES:  So, what was it like to be onstage with Ryan Adams on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert this past summer?

JEREMY:  It was an awesome experience.  The production and everyone involved in the show was super professional.  The ensemble of our band, along with Nicki Bluhm and Ryan Adams, made for a special combination for Ryan’s song. The production crew said time was tight, but Ryan fought to keep all the Stringdusters’ solos in tact for the broadcast.  In addition to the Colbert show, we played a few more shows with Ryan, and we made some artistic music and had a lot of fun.

CREATIVE ALLIES: The Infamous Stringdusters has won a lot of awards. But, how did it feel to have your song Magic No. 9 nominated for a Grammy?

JEREMY:  I don’t care about awards.  The award to me is that we have these five guys together, going on ten years, making some of the best music ever made and having an absolute blast.  That’s bigger than any trophy on a mantle or any kind of bragging rights.

Infamous Stringdusters

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