HTGAWM Recap Season 4 Episode 6: Stay Strong, Mama

Bonnie’s Needs

Jimmy Smits (Isaac) is in a bind.  He’s now figured out who Bonnie is and he’s in therapy himself to figure out if he should tell Annalise or not.  His therapist recommends he tell Annalise to get another therapist, but he’s not trying to hear that.  So in his session with Annalise, he tries to lead her to speak about Sam, hoping she’ll talk about the baby she lost, which he learned from Bonnie.  These sessions can get confusing real quick.

Asher’s Concern

Poor Asher is torn up over Michaela lying to him.  He’s not sure if she’s cheating since he saw her hanging out with Laurel.  So he heads over to get some advice from Frank, who is still living with Bonnie. He wants to know what would Frank do in his shoes and Frank is like, be a human and go talk to her. Good advice Frank.  By the way, Frank was lifting weights when Asher got there, I appreciate the display of his shirtless body.  

Oliver is looking crazy nervous and keeps checking in with Michaela to see if they are going to get caught.  Tegan comes out and snatches Michaela away to walk with her upstairs.  There is an important meeting with Enteras, but Michaela’s job is to just listen to her task list in the elevator than go back down to her desk.  She stays long enough to see that the meeting is the the Enteras CEO, none other than Laurel’s dad.  

Laurel’s Checkup

Laurel is at the doctor’s office, everything is checking out fine with the baby.  She asks about getting a paternity test and they go to check on that.  Michaela and Oliver call her to let her know her dad is at the office.  They assume he knows they’ve been snooping.  While they are on the phone, her dad calls her and wants to meet up for dinner.  She looks so annoyed when he asks that.

Bonnie is Found Out

Jimmy/Isaac visits Bonnie at her office.  He just showed up unannounced.  She’s pissed.  He wants her to come back to therapy but she basically just asks him to leave.  Nate is outside lurking.  He really doesn’t have much of a role this season, so far at least.

Annalise’s Fight

Bonnie is pulling out all the stops to make sure Annalise can’t win her class action suit.  She went so far as to threaten one of the inmates with taking her mom’s house unless she drops out of the suit.  Annalise goes to the judge try to fight it, but he’s like they will just find another way to come after you.  He tries to reason with Annalise to just drop the case but of course that’s not happening.

Asher Mans Up

So instead of worrying himself to death, Asher rolls right up to Michaela’s job and pulls her to the side. He wants to know why she lied the other night about working late.  So she tells another lie to cover that up.  She tells him she’s Laurel’s birthing partner and didn’t want him to feel neglected so she didn’t tell him.  He believed her, poor Asher.

Annalise Needs to Yell

Trying to find something to turn their case around, Annalise and Connor head over to the DA’s office.  They stand right in the middle of the office and tells everyone they should be ashamed of themselves for trying to take away this family’s home.  She tries her best to guilt everyone, we’ll see if it works or not.  Then security comes and she finally stops her yelling and leaves.

Asher Checking In

Laurel is getting ready for dinner with her dad.  She’s on the phone with Oliver and Michaela trying on outfits while simultaneously getting updates from the office.  Apparently, everyone’s security badges are getting replaced.  Another reason they think they are about to get caught.  While they are on the phone, Asher knocks on the door at Laurel’s.  I should’ve known he didn’t believe Michaela so he’s over there trying to verify.  Asher is being all sweet and brought a little teddy bear for the baby.  He explains that he’s there for Laurel if she needs anything at all.  It was an awkward conversation but he seems genuine.

Dinner with Dad and Some Gin

At dinner, Laurel is waiting for her dad.  At the same time, Michaela is back at the office offer Teagan some gin, hoping to find out what in the world that meeting was about.  Tegan talks to her about the rigors of being so driven and how it means she’ll sacrifice her relationships.  Michaela is real sneaky, she knows how to get information out of people.

At the restaurant, Laurel’s dad says he has fantastic news.  He wants some champagne and Laurel tries to dodge it.  I guess he doesn’t know she’s pregnant.  I can’t remember if she just didn’t tell him or if she told him she got an abortion.  Anyway, her dad starts with the small talk but then spills the beans.  His company is going public and he wants her to sign some paperwork so that she owns 10% of the company before it goes public.

Tegan starts opening up about this woman she used to be in a relationship with.  She feels comfortable enough to share with Michaela that Antares is going public.  Michaela is shocked and confused, not sure how this relates to Wes getting killed but I’m sure we’ll find that out later.

Team Meeting

Back at Laurel’s apartment after dinner, Laurel, Oliver and Michaela are trying to regroup.  Laurel explains that her dad probably killed Wes so that Wes couldn’t turn against Annalise (in turn outing them all) because that would’ve messed up Antares going public.  It makes sense actually.  Laurel is begging Oliver to use his magic to keep digging up dirt, and he agrees.  

Sam’s Letter

In the last therapy session, Isaac / Jimmy asked Annalise to write a letter to Sam.  She starts and stops about 10 letters but couldn’t really get a full letter written.  She goes back to therapy and is like, yeah I didn’t write that letter.  Instead she brought in a picture of the baby she lost.  I guess she figured that’s what he was really after anyway, might as well just cut to the chase.  She spends some time talking about how she behaved after she lost the baby.


Go Viral or Go Home

Annalise heads back home and Connor is there waiting for her.  They come up with a plan to really get attention for what the DA is trying to do to these inmates.  Oh wow, she held a press conference with one of the inmates son’s talking about how the DA is trying to take their house.  That was a good move.  I think the old Annalise is coming back!  Not only are they embarrassing the hell out of the DA, but it might encourage more people to join the class action suit.  That was good.

Oliver And His Good News

Oliver shows back up at Laurel’s place to share some good news.  He got in with the IT guy and the guy showed him all of the cool features of the new system they put in place.  But only the partners and the IT guy have security cards.  They want Michaela to use Tegan’s card, but she’s not into it.  She doesn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with Tegan.  Oh that damn teddy bear.  Asher snuck a little recording device in there.  He’s smarter than he looks, but so sneaky.  He’s pissed because now he knows that once again, Michaela lied.

When Michaela gets home, Asher is packing his bags.  He’s about to be out he’s so angry.  

Frank’s LSAT Love

Frank got his scores back, and he did pretty well.  He decides to head over to see Laurel and share the news.  Not only did he share that news, but he basically professed his love for her and told her he doesn’t care whose baby that is, he’s there for her to take care of her and the baby.  Frank really loves her, but I think Laurel is just using him for sex.  She’s so preoccupied with proving that her dad killed Wes.

Asher and Bonnie?

After a big argument with Michaela, Asher heads over to Bonnie’s place to see Frank.  Frank isn’t there (he’s with Laurel) and Bonnie opens the door looking a typsy mess.  She’s talking about how she messed everything up and cries right into Asher’s chest.  I hope he’s not dumb enough to let that go any further.


So Jimmy Smits is looking at some old home movies of his daughter’s graduation.  She must have died, it’s what they’ve been alluding to.  While he’s watching these movies, the other therapist shows up at Annalise’s apartment.  We’re gonna overlook how she knows Annalise’s address, but anyway come to find out that she’s Isaac’s ex-wife.  This is confusing.

Teaser Time

End of the episode, so that means it’s time to get teased.  Every week, we get one new little snippet of information but know that we won’t learn the whole story until the season is over.  It’s like a little torture each week.

Jimmy Smits is calling Annalise, per usual but now we see Annalise in the shower in a puddle of blood. Whose blood is that?  It looks like the gang (minus Bonnie) is getting back together.  Now we learn there is only one episode left before the Winter Finale.  I hate that, there is just no reason they need to take 1-2 months off, just to torture us more I guess.  Until next week…


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