HTGAWM Recap Season 4 Episode 5: I Love Her

We start with Bonnie coming over to Jimmy’s (I mean Isaac’s) office.  She used a fake name (Julie) and is now his patient.  I’m not sure what Bonnie is up to, but she may have gone off the deep end for real.

We flash all the way back to 2002 and learn a bit more about how Annalise and Bonnie met.  Bonnie had a pretty rough childhood (that is the understatement of the year), Annalise was defending one of the accused.

Frank’s Getting It In

Frank and Laurel are getting their groove on, I guess Laurel will be horny until she has that baby.  Bonnie calls and she pumps her breaks.  While she’s getting dressed, Frank is like, tell Bonnie to come home and they can talk.  He’s so bad, living in that woman’s house and screwing somebody else.  I wonder if he’s paying rent.

Annalise’s Class Action Suit

Annalise is starting to interview potential clients for her suit, explaining to them that they all basically got screwed over because the public defender’s office was undermanned.  These inmates aren’t really feeling her greater than though reason for the suit, they just want to get money or want to get out of prison.  But she got some takers and now had racked up almost 30 people.  Bonnie is back at her office looking into the computer files of some of these inmates and it states “Attorney Pending” so she knows Annalise is doing something.

Bonnie In Court

Back in 2002, Bonnie is testifying about how her father and his friends/colleagues raped her for several years.   The abuse she suffered started when she was 15.  All of these predators were high ranking officials or businessman.  She got pregnant by one of these “men” a while ago and delivered the baby, but she passed out and when she woke up her dad told her the baby died.  Now you know that was a lie so I wonder where her baby is.

Back at the therapist’s office, Bonnie, who dried herself off earlier but is still soaking wet.  She’s talking about getting back at Annalise, of course calling her something else (May).  She basically tells him all about their relationship.

Annalise’s Guilt

In the 2002 trial, Annalise had to cross examine Bonnie and she really didn’t have any qualms about it.  Being a defense lawyer really takes a certain kind of skill.  She struggles with it a little and and they show her at home, getting in vitro injections from Sam.  It seems like so long ago when he was alive.  Annalise’s ambition is so strong that she knows she has to do it if she wants to make partner.

Bonnie Keeps Digging

Bonnie went down to the courthouse to see if any of those inmate had been assigned an attorney yet. They told her no, but thinks she’s getting the runaround.  She asks Nate to go check because maybe they won’t lie to him.  She’s convinced it’s Annalise.

Michaela’s New Shoes

Teagan surprises Michaela with some new shoes (Red Bottoms) because of the great work she’s been doing.  I’m not sure if that was a good idea, they went right to her head and she was already overly confident.  They were cute shoes though.


Nate and Annalise

Nate goes down to the prison and runs into Annalise.  It turns out she’s been paying the guards to keep her visits under wraps.  Nate says he has some information that can help her but he won’t give it to her if she keeps being shady.

Back at the office, Nate lies to Bonnie and says Annalise’s name wasn’t in any of the records and none of the guards have seen her.

Bonnie Gets Crossed

Annalise is cross examining Bonnie.  Now we know why Bonnie is the way she is, she’s been through a lot so it’s like she’s void of emotion sometimes.  Annalise’s boss doesn’t think she’s going hard enough against Bonnie and tells her she better get it together.  You can tell this is a struggle for Annalise.

Annalise goes down a path of trying to convince Bonnie that she wasn’t really pregnant.  She is trying to get the jury to think that Bonnie had so much happened to her that she may not have remembered all of the details.  She got Bonnie to hesitate so it actually looked like she may have been confused about who raped her.

Best Housewife Ever

Connor cleans up the apartment and actually cooks dinner for Oliver.  He actually calls himself the best housewife ever.  But Oliver won’t be home anytime soon, he’s at the office with Michaela trying to dig up dirt on Laurel’s father.  Poor Connor, he drank all the wine and ate the food waiting on Oliver.  


They almost got caught trying to steal some files, which is surprising because they have killed people before so you would think this would be easier.  Simon walks in, of course, he’s always lurking and Oliver invites him out for drinks just to get him to leave.  He’s never going to make it home to Connor.

Connor actually rolls over to Annalise’s place, drunk.  I’m not sure how he got the address but he’s there. He’s going on a rant about everything in his life being her fault.  I’m really shocked that he’s the one out of the group that can’t handle all of the things they’ve done over the seasons.  Maybe he should grow his beard back, that might help him.

Annalise Recruits Bonnie

Annalise felt awful about crossing Bonnie the way she did.  Even though she won the case, she immediately quit her job after that.  Based on her guilt, Annalise tracks down Bonnie back in 2002 after she quit her job and tries to convince her to go to law school.  She says since she’s been in and out of courtrooms for years, has dealt with lawyers so much, and held strong under cross examination, she’d make a great lawyer.  It’s actually pretty interesting how the two of them got together.  A horrible start but then it looks like Annalise tried to make up for it by convincing Bonnie that she could be more than a waitress.

More Clients or Less Clients

Annalise gets a call from one of her potential clients, Claudia, who basically got 15 more people to join.  Claudie was also in jail with Annalise back in the day and she’s the one Annalise go to beat her up that time.  She now has 40 clients and starts to do a dance.  Not sure what kind of dancing she was doing but she was enjoying herself.

It was short lived.  Another one of her clients calls her and says she’s backing out because the DA offered her a better deal.  Looks like Bonnie got somebody on the inside working for her now.  The calls kept coming in, and client after client is bailing on her.  Looks like her case is ruined before it got started.

She tracks down Bonnie though, in the rain and everything.  They argued but didn’t fight.  Bonnie thinks Annalise tried to turn her into her.  Annalise seems really hurt, she really wanted that class action suit to go through and now it’s over for her.

Bonnie starts running in the rain, it was kind of weird but while she’s running she has a bunch of flashbacks.  Now it makes sense though, she was running to the therapist’s office.  He got her to admit that he loves Annalise.  All that anger was really a mix of anger and love.

Moving On

Annalise isn’t giving up.  She recruits Connor to help her since he doesn’t have a job.  Laurel, Michaela, and Oliver are looking over the file they stole and then Asher calls.  He’s right outside and can see Michaela but she lies to him and says she’s still at the office.  Poor thing is going to think she’s cheating.

Back in therapy, Jimmy Smits finally starts putting the stories together and realizes that Julie (Bonnie) is talking about his other client Annalise.  He’s freaking out.

2 Weeks Later

Oh my word.  The suspect (for an unknown crime) is Asher and he’s in jail.  He must’ve went off on somebody at Caplan & Gold because he thought Michaela was cheating on him.  You know he has a bad temper so there is no telling what he’s done.  

We’ve seen Laurel in the hospital without her baby, blood at Annalise’s apartment, Oliver being a witness to some crime that we don’t know about, and now Asher is in jail.  This is a roller coaster for real!


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