HTGAWM Recap Season 4 Episode 3: It’s For the Greater Good

This episode starts with Michaela and Laurel arguing in the streets.  Laurel is begging Michaela to get into some files on her father at Caplan & Gold, her new employer.  Michaela is so ambitious, she’s not trying to give up her chances at a second chance internship even to find out the truth about who killed Wes.  Of course, I still don’t believe Wes is really dead but Laurel is convinced he is and that her father killed him.

Annalise heads into the public defender’s office looking for some additional work.  She gets her first case which is to defend a guy who used to be in a gang, Ben Carter.  He’s accused of murdering his fiancee, Kim,  but of course he says he’s innocent.  If anybody can figure this one out, it’s Annalise as long as she stays focused.  

While they were talking, and Annalise was recording, Ben tells her how he and Kim fell in love, Kim convince him to get out of the gang.  But they got into a fight when Kim told him their daughter wasn’t his.  Annalise stops recording at this point.  He swears he didn’t take his anger out on Kim and kill her, but I guess we’ll find out later.  In court, Annalist makes her opening statement, hair looking flawless, that probably won’t help but it’s worth mentioning.

The Dropout

Oliver is at the DA’s office trying to get some new clients for his new company (remember Control Ollie Delete!).  Oliver sees Bonnie and can’t wait to tell the team about it.  At the library, Oliver is sharing the news and Connor walks over and puts down a $30,000 check talking about he just dropped out of law school and that’s his refund.  Making life decisions based on emotion, we’ll see how that turns out.

Back in court, the prosecution calls Nate to the stand in Annalise’s murder trial and she looks real concerned about it.  It all about the voice mail they claim Ben deleted that somehow proves he was hiding evidence.  Annalise cross examines Nate, but not really all that exciting of exchange actually.

Hell Bowl

Asher calls Michaela at work to tell her that Connor is dropping out.  It’s like she’s the only one living the adult life right now!  Everyone else is still trying to figure things out. They want her to leave work and meet them at a bar, she’s like “I have a job”.  Just like that she gets caught.  Apparently at Caplan & Gold personal calls aren’t allowed.  Strike 1.  

It’s time for some kind of competition with the interns.  One of the partners says to bring your diapers so we don’t have an accident like last year.  Wow, what in the world is about to go down?  So it’s the Hell Bowl at Caplan & Gould – kind of like a dance off but based on knowing information about the firm’s history.  Michaela and Simon are rockin and rollin through the competition so of course we’ll probably see them battle each other in the finals.

Begging for Work

Laurel heads over to the DA’s office and starts begging Bonnie for a job.  Yeah, you are at a low point but I guess she didn’t have any other choice.  Bonnie is like, no girl, get out.   She doesn’t have time for those shenanigans.  

Pee, please

Annalise is prepping to get back into court when a lady comes through and says she needs to get a urine sample from her.  How awkward, but I guess that’s just part of probation.  After she’s finished, Laurel enters the bathroom.  Laurel starts updating her on the group and is her normally snappy self, she said Annalise’s reference letters weren’t that helpful.  Annalise tells her since she’s having a kid, she might want to stop acting like one.  You aren’t going to win a battle of words with this woman but they never learn.

Get Ready for Battle

Simon is being his juvenile self while Michaela is trying to work, but she’s letting it get to her.  The female partner pulls her in the office to talk.  She’s trying to make sure Simon isn’t getting into Michaela’s head.  She tells her, “If he loses, he sucks.  But you lose, WOMEN suck.”  Dang, talk about pressure.  But of course pressure is like Michaela’s best friend.  Beast Mode time!

Drunk Connor

Asher, Connor, and Oliver are hanging out at the bar (in the middle of the day) when Oliver gets a call from Nate asking him if he wants to make some money.  Without knowing any details, Oliver heads over to the DA’s office and it turns out Nate and Bonnie want him to hack into Annalise’s computer.  What are they up to?  

Oliver was hesitant to do it until Bonnie told him that Annalise didn’t even respect him enough to fire him to his face.  He was a little salty about that last episode, he never got the true firing that everyone else did.  So he starts to hack away.

New Evidence

Oliver finds the deleted recording from when Annalise was talking to her client for the first time. Remember when she stopped recording?  Now we know why.  Nate takes this info and heads back into court.  They are really no better than her with all this illegal activity, they seem to forget though that Annalise never loses.  You might get her now, but she’ll come back with a vengeance later.  

Ben is on the stand being questioned by Annalise about his daughter Madison who is in the courtroom.  He claims Kim suffered from postpartum depression and that’s why she killed herself.  When she’s done questioning him, the prosecutor stands up and asks the judge to make Ben take a paternity test.  This shocks everyone but Annalise turns and looks at Nate.  She doesn’t know how, but knows he’s involved.  Everyone should be scared of that look.

Annalise is Ready to Fight

Walking to her car, Annalise in on the phone with her boss trying to convince her that she can handle the case after the mess that happened over the paternity test.  She sees Nate and Bonnie talking in the parking garage and just hangs up on her boss (didn’t even say, I gotta go).  

She walks over, and goes in on Bonnie and threatens to beat her ass.  Nate has to separate the two.  She knows Bonnie had something to do with them finding out about paternity.  Once Annalise gets back in her car, she gets a call from the morgue.  They say she may be able to help them identify a body.  Oh snap!

Annalise heads over to the morgue with no idea what she’ll find.  Turns out it was Jasmine, her previous client. Man, it only took one episode for her to get out and get back on drugs.  Such a shame.


Michaela is studying Caplan & Gold office locations for her battle with Simon, while Laurel starts telling her about some small office in another part of the world that her dad set up.  And here comes Frank with an apron on and dinner.  Not sure what is going on here!  Oliver walks in all nervous and then comes Asher and Connor.  Now I get it.  They are trying to get Connor to get himself together by having an intervention (or as Asher refers to it – a dinnervention).  He’s not really having it and shuts everybody down, he just wants to live his life and be left alone.

Get Some Help

Annalise heads over to the therapist office, otherwise she was going to take a drink.  He must live at his office because it’s kind of late and he answered the door.  She tells him about Jasmine and she’s also struggling with the way her case is going.  He gives her a little pep talk and she goes on her way.  

When she gets home, there is a package at her door.  She calls Frank and asks him if he left the package.  It’s a DVD of her client’s girlfriend jumping out of the window, just like he said.  Who in the world had a videotape of this?  And who dropped it off for Annalise?  She said Frank was the only one who knew where she lived, but he’s like naw, it wasn’t me.

Good News, Big Mistake

Frank heads over to Annalise’s apartment and looked at the security tapes to see who left that package.  It was a guy named Bill Stanton who works at a bar across from city hall and turns out he’s sleeping with Annalise’s new boss (Virginia Cross).  

Annalise is a mess, she heads down to the jail and has Ben call her boss and get her to show up in court. Annalise acted like she didn’t know why, then Annalise calls her to the stand.  Something is going down.  Annalise starts questioning Virginia.  She introduces the video and it turns out Virginia had her boyfriend deliver it to Annalise.  So she wanted the truth to come out but had no idea Annalise would call her to the stand.  The video gets shown, which clears Ben, and Virginia looks like an incompetent public defender but Annalise won again.

Virginia was pissed after court, she spit on Annalise which is just uncalled for.  She’s probably going to get disbarred because of her mistake but still.  Annalise wasn’t having that and put her hands on her, but nothing happened after that.

Back with the therapist, Annalise explained to him that she wants to file a class action suit to help shine a light on how overworked the public defender’s office is and how poor people are being screwed as a result.  He thinks she keeps doing risky things like this as a substitute for alcohol but she’s not buying it.

Micheala’s Time to Shine

Time for the Hell Bowl – Michaela against Simon.  There was only one question and it’s about the smallest office that the firm has.  Simon got it wrong but Michaela remembers Laurel telling her about her dad opening an office somewhere and that was the right answer.  She has Laurel to thank for that but now she knows she has to look into Laurel’s father.  Well she can still be excited about her win, for now.

Is He Dead?

Here we go again with a flash forward to that hospital scene.  Michaela is in the hospital looking a hot mess talking about “is he dead”.  We don’t know who “he” is and what’s going on.  They keep showing Laurel asking for her baby.  It’s says 2 months, so we probably won’t find out until the last episode. Damn writers!!!


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