HTGAWM Recap Season 4 Episode 2: I’m Not Her

Here we go, episode 2…

We start with Jimmy Smits on the phone with someone, not sure who, but it looks shady.  He’s getting ready for another therapy session with Annalise.  She explains she’s tired because she’s been working a lot lately on a new case.  Turns out her new client is one of her old cell mates.

Connor, Asher, Michaela, and Laurel are at a job fair.  They are all nervous.  Laurel comes in looking kind of a mess, and eating like crazy, since she’s pregnant I guess.  

When Michaela tries to clown Asher for his sweating, he’s like no ma’am. He has adult diapers in his armpits to catch the sweat.  This boy is too much!  







We move over to court, where Annalise is defending her client.  She’s a little rusty, but she’ll be back on her game soon.  As she’s leaving court, she passes by Bonnie who she assumes is there to try to talk to her and she brushes her off with “this is not the place”. Mmmm, wrong assumption.  The look on Annalise’s face when she realizes Bonnie is now an ADA is priceless.

Back at the therapy session, Jimmy Smits accuses Annalise of trying to waste his time because she’s only talking about the case and not herself.  He might need to be real patient, Annalise doesn’t really open up that easy.  Maybe by the end of the season – or maybe not.

So Bonnie is trying to have a conversation with Nate, who basically is giving her crap.  He thinks she still works for Annalise and they are up to something.  Poor Bonnie.

Back to the students.  They are now going through all of their interviews but because their GPAs are so low they are struggling.  Everyone just wants to know about Annalise.  None of them really said any negative info about her which is interesting.  They all stayed loyal, even beardless Connor.  Michaela is the only one who seemed to shine a little, nothing seems to rattle her when she’s in Beast Mode!

Annalise is watching the body cam footage of her client in the jail after she learns all of the things Jasmine has done. Jasmine tells her about her childhood as the reason she is the way she is.  Jasmine was arrested at 13 for solicitation, she was a minor but they threw her in jail.  Those records are sealed for now, but it looks like Annalise has a new strategy.

Jimmy Smits isn’t having it during this therapy session.  He’s pissed that Annalise keeps talking about her client and not sharing feelings about herself.  He threatens that if Annalise doesn’t start participating more he’ll report her to the board.  

The students are eating together discussing their interviews and waiting for the results online.  Oliver announces he’s starting his own IT company – Control Oli Delete – that is so Oliver.  

Callbacks came in – Michaela got 5, Asher got 3, Connor and Laurel got zero.


Annalise is back at her place and starts doing her job.  She’s researching everything about Jasmine’s history to see how she can get her out of prison.  She’s goes back to the jail to talk to her client and discovers a way to get her out.  She tries to get the opposing counsel to unseal Jasmine’s file but he’s not budging.  She asks Bonnie for help and she slams the door in her face.  I guess Bonnie is still pissed for being fired.

Michaela and Asher head to their interviews at Caplan & Gold, with about 100 other candidates. Meanwhile Connor is over at another firm begging to be interviewed and the lady’s like no thanks.  She calls out Laurel’s name as the next candidate on her list (so Laurel lied about not getting any callbacks) but Laurel didn’t show up.  Laurel is at home researching.

Bonnie is getting her drink on, so she calls Frank who apparently was supposed to cook her dinner.  She’s drinking to cope with the fact that she saw Annalise earlier. Poor Bonnie, she is so hurt that she can’t work for Annalise.


Back at Caplan & Gold, Michaela is working the room (like a BOSS) when she sees Asher getting punk’d by one of their classmates, Simon.  Asher has such a short temper, he’s about to go off.  Michaela to the rescue though – she walks away from her potential employers to intervene and convince Asher to walk away – Beast Mode.  Then she tells the Simon she’ll cut off his balls and feed them to him if he messes with her man again.  I think Simon got the point.  Michaela seems a little on the crazy side.


Back at Annalise’s apartment, someone comes to the door.  It’s Frank.  Oh Frank found a way to get back in the circle.  He got Annalise the file unsealed that she needed.  He still didn’t make it past the door to her new place, and she didn’t actually speak to him (not one word) but he’s making progress.  Annalise is like, give me the damn file and leave – only she said it with her eyes.  At least he still has his beard, thank goodness.

Laurel is still on the computer when someone knocks at her door.  She she does what most people do, pulls out her gun.  Dang girl, it’s just Connor.  He picked up her mail at her old spot and she unwillingly let’s him in.  Oh she’s at Wes’s apartment.  Connor is really trying to get back in her good graces, but she’s really not interested until he almost leaves and she loosens up just a bit.

Annalise heads back to court.  She has her swagger back so she must have something good.  It flashes back between court and her therapy session.   Jasmine was only 13 when she first got arrested for solicitation but they just arrested her instead of recommending therapy.  Back and forth to therapy, where Jimmy thinks Annalise is so consumed with Jasmine because she thinks she is Jasmine (hence the episode title, I’m Not Her).  She’s going in on the witness in court and asks for Jasmine’s entire record to be vacated.  The judge can’t do everything they asked for, but Jasmine will get out of prison and her records will be sealed so that she doesn’t have any issues getting a job.  Back in therapy Annalise isn’t optimistic that Jasmine will stay out of trouble.  We learn that Jimmy used to be a heroin addict so he says change is possible.  For some reason, Annalise says “I wish you hadn’t told me that”.  Not sure what that’s about but I’m sure we’ll find out later.

Simon and Michaela get a job at Caplan & Gould, but the others are still out of luck.  Laurel is happy because this is the firm that represents her father and then she tells Michaela that her father killed Wes.  I still don’t believe Wes is dead, so we’ll see about that.

We still don’t know what Jimmy Smits is up to, we see another preview of Laurel in the hospital and Jimmy looking suspect.  He makes a call to Annalise, what in the world did they do?

Not sure what that bloody scene at the end was about, Bonnie was just staring.  I think the voice in the background said it was Annalise’s apartment.  Whose blood was that in the elevator?

I have a love hate relationship with this show.  I NEED ANSWERS!!


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