HTGAWM Recap Season 4 Episode 4: Was She Ever Good At Her Job

In Annalise’s apartment, she is dead set on starting this class action suit that she talked about in the last episode.  She’s doing her research while we flash over to the students in class also learning about class action suits.  Finding plaintiffs is the first step, the next step is getting money and of course Annalise is broke.  

She visits someone from her past – President Hargrove.  She wants to represent her in the divorce proceedings she having and earn some money.  I remember her from NY Undercover, I used to love that show back in the day!



Oliver and Connor

They are in the apartment talking about Connor’s dad, who Connor kind of resents because his mom had a nervous breakdown when his dad came out as gay.  His dad wants that tuition money back since he dropped out, not sure I blame him, but Connor isn’t really offering it up easily.  When Connor goes to take a shower, his dad sends Oliver a chat on the computer.  I guess we’ll find out later what that’s about.

The DA’s Office

Bonnie meets with the DA and says she has some really good news.  He’s like oh you’re quitting?  Damn. Everybody hates Bonnie.  Bonnie wants to run the team to review all of Virginia’s cases and needs his ok, which he reluctantly gives.  She probably knows Annalise will be involved somehow and this is her shot to beat her, but I don’t know if Bonnie is ready for that kind of match.

Let the Games Begin

So Michaela is going with the partner, Teagan Price, to her first big client meeting and guess who it is? President Hargrove and her “consultant” Annalise.  This is awkward and I don’t know how it’s gonna go down.

It appears that Teagan represents President Hargrove in the mediation with her ex-husband and she’s not thrilled that Annalise is now part of the team without her knowing in advance.  So the ex-husband’s lawyer has video of her being drunk and threatens make it public if they don’t pay up 6 million by the end of the day.  That sucks.  Her legal team is trying to come up with ideas and of course Annalise says they need to fight back, being an alcoholic isn’t a choice it’s a disease and they should fight him on this threat.

Oliver and Connor’s Dads

So Oliver heads out to meet both of Connor’s dads.  Connor is gonna be pissed. His dad says Connor came out as gay when he was 12 and tells Oliver the whole story.  It turns out his dad came out the following week and that’s maybe why Connor is so mad, he felt it was insensitive.  He’s begging Oliver to help him build back his relationship with his son.

Bonnie’s Revenge

So Nate walks into Bonnie’s office while she’s in there surrounded by boxes and boxes of files.  She’s started to look into all of the old cases, many of which Annalise was involved in.  Nate’s trying to figure out why Bonnie wants to take this one on.  Laurel walks in demanding to know why the DA is running for Attorney General since he helped to cover up Wes’ death.  Nate tells both of them to stop making noise and do their jobs, he’s turned into such a company man!  The DA later tells Bonnie she needs to fire Laurel (he knows she’s going to snoop around and find some dirt on him).  But Bonnie informs him that Laurel is pregnant and he doesn’t need that type of lawsuit at the start of his campaign.  Score one point for Bonnie.

Michaela’s on a new Team

Michaela’s new boss, Teagan, comes over asking her about her relationship with Annalise.  She explains that she hates her and can step down off the team if necessary.  Teagan is like, hey I was checking.  She said she hates most of the people she works with but still does her job because she’s a Boss Bitch.  I like her.  She wants to groom Michaela into being a Boss Bitch too.  Annalise walks over and asks Teagan to review the countersuit documents she prepared ad Teagan and Michaela basically tell her to kick rocks.  Poor Annalise, she has no friends right now even when she’s trying to help.

Connor, Naked

So Connor is real obsessed with working out since he has no job and quit school.  He’s at the apartment doing more crunches when Oliver walks in calling his name talking about he has a surprise.  So Connor, being the person that he is, takes his pants off and when he walks around the corner, Oliver is there with his two dads.  How awkward.  Oliver is always walking into some mess, but he really tries hard.

Annalise’s Issues Keep On Coming

Annalise is waiting for her therapy session to start.  She’s on the phone trying to get some files from the court while she’s sending off the countersuit proposal to the other side.  She sent is real quick when the therapist came out and she had to hang up the phone.  I feel like something is going to get crossed since she wasn’t really paying attention.

During the therapy session, Jimmy Smits recounts something Annalise said about Wes during one of her testimonies.  She blamed herself for Wes committing suicide because she was drinking at the time and didn’t’ help him.  She started the session in a good mood, but that quickly changed, now she’s yelling at Jimmy.  He’s just trying to figure out the root cause of what she’s doing with this class action suit, but she gets so defensive every time he brings up a possible reason.  

Now we learn that Annalise did screw up.  She sent the files to the wrong Barry, she sent them to someone who actually works at the university.  Michaela tried to call her earlier to tell her but Annalise didn’t pick up.  Teagan is in the office with President Hargrove who is on the phone trying to convince Barry that her board doesn’t need to get this information, it’s completely personal and about the past. Not sure how Annalise gets out of this, it was a rookie mistake.

Was She Ever Good At Her Job?

So Michaela and Teagan are outside watching Annalise and President Hargrove fight.  Teagan asks what happened to Annalise, she used to be an animal in the courtroom.  In the office, the ladies are talking about both of their struggles with drinking and how it has cost them so much.  Annalise is determine to turn her mistake around, but President Hargrove is doubtful.  Annalise is like “watch me”.  I think she might be back to her old self.  The trench coat is nice, real boss like so it was appropriate for that scene!

One her way home she calls Barry from the university and leaves a message with him about sending him the document in error.  When steps off the elevator, she sees Frank, who honestly looks like he just robbed somebody – he has on a skull cap and some gloves.  He’s so sneaky.

So Frank brought her a suitcase full of money.  I mean real money, a lot of it.  But she tells him to go away, in fact yells at him in the hallway.  So he leaves and takes the bag of money with him.  I have a feeling she’ll call him back, she knows she’s broke.  He’ll do anything to get back in her good graces.

Connor’s Party

So the dads are at the apartment with Laurel, Oliver, and Asher.  Connor is still being awkward around his dad.  His dad is making some effort and makes a pretty nice toast.  Not sure if that’s enough though, Connor is really holding this grudge against him.

Frank has Laurel in the car after the party.  He has no idea that she’s been horny all episode.   She basically throws herself right on top of him in the car.  He’s so weak, he still loves her probably so he takes it.  Poor Bonnie, I bet she thinks she’s going to get Frank back.  He lives with her and everything. She gonna be pissed again when she finds this out.


The Old Annalise is Back

Annalise keeps calling Barry, but he’s not picking up.  She now threatens to take legal action.  After her call, she sees an email come in, a copy of the progress report her therapist sends to the disciplinary board.  Oh okay, his name is Isaac, I’ll stop calling him Jimmy Smits (or maybe I won’t).  He gives her a glowing review of her progress in therapy and passing all of her drug tests.

This gives her an idea.  She heads over to Caplan & Gold to say that they need the ex-husband’s therapist records since the lawyer claimed he had to go to therapy for the stress President Hargrove caused him from her drinking.  Sounds like a good idea because if they were lying it’s a problem.

Michaela is all in her element.  She now has a bunch of papers and files for other interns to go through. She’s yelling at them and everything to find her a smoking gun, she’s loving this power.  They found something about Sue, it looks like the ex-hubby was having an affair.  

So the teams meet at the office and it’s about to go down.  It turns out Sue is a man (Warren Sue) and he wasn’t having an affair but was meeting with a money manager to hide some of his money.  So they beat him, she gets joint custody of the kids and only has to pay him 1 million, which is still a ton of money, but better than the other offers.  Go Annalise!  Maybe she’ll get her professor job back at the end of this.

Connor and his Dad

Connor and his dad are taking a walk.  He says he can keep the money, he really just wants to be in his life.  His dad tells him that Oliver isn’t the right guy for him and that he’s faking being happy.  Connor isn’t happy about that but maybe there is some truth to it.

Yeah She’s Back

So Annalise is wrapping up at the office.  She doesn’t really seem that happy, but maybe that’s just how her face looks.  President Hargrove is thrilled and Barry at the university says he’s going to act like he doesn’t know anything about anything.  Teagan is all in awe of Annalise and says if she needs a new home that she’ll put in a good word.  Michaela wasn’t happy about that part.  Annalise just thanks her and heads out like it’s just another day.  Maybe she’ll put on that short courtroom power wig soon.

Michaela follows Annalise to the elevator whining about how she can’t come work here, this place is hers and she’s not welcome.  Annalise is like, there you go again always looking for a mother wherever you can find it.  Then she just turns and walks away.  Yeah, she’s getting back to her old self, throwing shade right and left.

Annalise goes to pick up the papers from the courthouse and has to pay three grand to get the files.  Nate appears (he always shows up) and asks if she needs help carrying the box.  He knows she’s up to something but it’s weird how he always shows up down there when she’s there, kind of like a stalker.  She tells him what she’s really up to, but I’m not sure he believes her.  She asks him to not say a word to anyone about it, otherwise it won’t work.

Isaac (Jymmi Smits) is talking his notes into a dictaphone about Annalise, he thinks she is going so hard in her work to avoid dealing with her issues and when that doesn’t work she might relapse.  He really is dictating an entire book.  Something is up with him, but I know we won’t find out for a while what’s going on.

Nate goes into Bonnie’s office and tells her sternly that she needs to stop digging into Virginia’s files because she’s doing it for the wrong reason and is just trying to get back at Annalise.  Look at Nate, he actually trusts Annalise on this one.

Annalise is back at home digging through all of those files.  She really is on a mission and is determined.

So Isaac has a new patient, named Julie.  And guess who it is – that damn Bonnie.  She is a mess and I’m not sure how she found out where Annalise goes to therapy but I guess since it’s court ordered it’s pubic record.  What is she up to?  You know it’s not gonna turn out right, because Bonnie isn’t as good as Annalise.


Flash Forward

Here we go another flash forward, now it’s 1.5 months.  Bonnie is heading into Caplan & Gold.  She tries to call Isaac from the elevator but he’s at that hospital with Michaela and Laurel.  Bonnie walks in to look for the witness and it’s Oliver.  UUUGGGGHHH.  What is going on?


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