HTGAWM Ep 9 Recap: He’s Dead

Here we go!  It’s been months since we had new episodes.  There is so much to catch up on that I’m sure this will be an action packed episode.  Hopefully nobody will be dead by the end of the episode, but that’s unlikely.

Blood in the Elevator

At Annalise’s building, the police are there combing the scene where Laurel’s blood is all over the place.  Remember that she came to see Analise but got stuck in the elevator and then Analise delivered that tiny little baby through the bars of the elevator door!  When one of the cops finds out it’s Annalise’s apartment, he immediately assumes there is foul play.  We can’t blame him really, she does have a history.

Blood Everywhere

Laurel was rushed to the hospital and they take the newborn into the NICU.  Analise doesn’t really have anything to do, so she’s just standing in the waiting area, in her blood soaked clothes in bewilderment.

Office Party From Hell

Back at the Caplan & Gould office, Michaela, also in a blood stained dress is on the phone with Connor. Both of them are freaking out over what just happened.  They are trying to get their stories straight since Asher has been arrested.  Annalise calls Connor on the other line and we catch a glimpse of somebody creeping.  I don’t know why Connor thought it was a good idea to have these conversations out in the hallway, it’s like can you please go inside!  Anway, whoever that is hears everything that Connor says.

Annalise gives Connor the update on the fact that Laurel is at the hospital.  Then he ends up telling her about the shooting at the office and this guy who is eavesdropping hears everything.  I know Connor is stressed, but that’s just sloppy communication.

Nobody Knows What Happened

Connor heads over to get Nate involved.  I forgot that Bonnie was there, but she was sleeping on the couch we hope anyway.

At the jail, poor Asher can’t even get a phone call.  He’s yelling at whoever will listen, but nobody is really listening.

Frank gets to the hospital and sees Annalise, Annalise is still trying to figure out what happened but nobody knows.  When the doctor comes out they are not really giving any information since they are not family.  Frank says he’s the baby’s daddy hoping he’ll get somewhere that way.  They let Frank and Annalise see the baby in the NICU.

Two people from DHS stop by asking questions about Laurel and her emotional state.  They keep asking about Laurel’s drug use and both Frank and Annalise are getting really defensive (and loud).  Somebody is creating a story about Laurel making her out to be a bad mother.  Then the devil walks in, and by devil I mean Laurel’s dad.  So you know something bad is about to go down.

Mr. Castillo and His Ways

Laurel’s dad demands to speak to the head of the department and he’s the one trying to make Laurel out to be unfit.  He’s trying to get custody of the baby.

Annalise and Frank are still arguing with the DHS lady.  She shows them paternity paperwork that shows Frank isn’t the father.  Annalise gets her groove back and says she’s Laurel’s attorney and tells this lady if she doesn’t want a $100 million malpractice suit she better let them see Laurel and hand over the paperwork that was submitted to put her in the psych ward.

Laurel isn’t awake, and Frank’s emotional side comes out begging her to wake up to help them sort this out.

Annalise gets the paperwork from DHS to review and starts seeing all of these things saying Laurel is using drugs.  She calls Isaac to help her out and he heads over to the hospital.

Connor arrives to the hospital and leaves Michaela a voice mail with what’s going on.  But at the office, Michaela and Oliver are still trying to get their stories straight and figuring out what Asher may have said.  She realizes that Asher probably told the truth.

Keeping Stories Straight

In the jail cell, Asher is crying his eyes out.  Nate shows up and asks Asher what did he say already.

Michaela and Oliver are finally being interviewed back at the office.  Their stories lined up, but of course they are not telling the full truth.  They are mixing this together with Asher telling Nate the story and the end result is all the same, it really was Simon that shot himself and Asher really did pick up the gun after.  I wonder if Oliver and Michaela’s stories are a little too similar though.

Back at the hospital

Connor and Annalise are talking trying to figure things out when Isaac arrives.  She hands him a bunch of files to review saying Laurel’s father made things up.  Isaac tries to weasel out of helping but Annalise basically blackmails him into doing so he has no choice.  I told you she’s back, she’s not really above any tactics at this point to get what she wants.

Michaela finally listens to Connor’s voice mail so she tries to leave and head out to the hospital.  Tegan catches her on the way out trying to find out how somebody used her key card when it was Michaela who held her purse.  She makes up a lie about it, but Tegan doesn’t buy it.  When all of this is over, I don’t know who they think will hire them.  They all act like Annalise is the problem, but really they are all pretty bad people.

Laurel finally wakes up and Frank rushes in to see her.  She has no memory of what happened, she starts asking where her baby is, which now all makes sense since we got a sneak preview of this part for several previous episodes.

Taking the Baby Away

Isaac walks out to call Annalise about Laurel being awake.  Annalise is talking again to the DHS lady but Mr. Castillo is already taking the baby away.  She can’t get any info but he’s already taking her baby away.  So Annalise chases him down the hallway begging him not to take the baby.  He doesn’t really show any emotion, he’s stone cold.  Security finally gets to Annalise to restrain her.

Michaela gets to the hospital and meets Connor, who is pissed that she left Oliver by himself.  So Connor rushes back to the office to check on Oliver.

Meanwhile, Laurel is freaking out about the baby so they end up giving her drugs to calm her down.

It’s a lot going on in this episode.

Where Is The Truth?

Isaac sees Michaela and mistakes her for Annalise from far away. He realizes it’s Michaela, she doesn’t know what’s going on.  She falls into Isaac’s arms saying how everyone around them always dies. Everything is starting to catch up with her.  

Bonnie gets to the office, lots of people are still there being interviewed.  They are playing to crazy weird music, making it even scarier than it needs to be.  There is so much blood in this episode but it doesn’t even phase Bonnie.  She finds Oliver and asks him where the hard drive is, but Laurel has it.  He doesn’t even know all of the other stuff that happened, Bonnie has to explain it to him.

Isaac is trying to calm Michaela down.  She tells him about Laurel going off her antidepressants but then realized she doesn’t even know this man and she’s just giving out personal information.  So she finally gets up to leave.

Connor gets to the office but they won’t let him in.  Bonnie see him and says it’s ok for Oliver to go with Connor since he’s already given his statement.  

Frank is trying to get Laurel to drink something.  Annalise walks in, finally they gave her some other clothes to put on so we don’t have see her blood stained suit anymore.  Annalise really cares about these kids which is so strange since she’s kind of evil, but she really does.  Laurel brings up Dominic and says he warned her to let this go and she didn’t listen.

Where Is The Hard Drive?

Dominic is actually at the office talking to Tegan.  She’s trying to convince him that nothing was taking from the files.  Dominic wants Oliver’s name and she gives it up real quick.   So now he’s on the hunt for Oliver.  Oliver has bad luck, he’s always trying to be part of the group but usually something bad ends up happening and he’s at the center.

Michaela is outside of the hospital calling the jails trying to find Asher.  Oliver and Connor arrive at the hospital and the three of them are trying to figure out who has the hard drive.

Bonnie arrives at the hospital with Laurel’s bag, she signed it out from evidence.  She says the drive wasn’t in there, and says it wasn’t logged in.  Somebody stole it.  Isaac walks in and he and Bonnie share a glance, I know Annalise saw that since she’s a lawyer.  I guess we’ll come back to that later.  He asks to speak to Annalise in private.  He tells her about the antidepressants and the other stuff he read in the files.  They start arguing, Annalise thinks Mr. Castillo made all of that stuff up but Isaac isn’t really buying it.  Annalise jabs way below the belt and says the reason why his daughter killed herself since he was driving her crazy too.  And then she walked away, I mean really, that was just too much even for her.

Free Asher

Nate and Bonnie are working the case together and they found some files on Simon’s computer that indicate the kids were mostly telling the truth.  The lead detective wants to charge Asher but they don’t really have solid evidence yet.

Asher gets let out and heads over to the hospital.  He let’s them know that Simon isn’t actually dead.  Somehow he survived that shooting.  They all start arguing and Oliver gets a real big conscious.  He is so sensitive but then wants to be a gangster at the same time.  He needs to pick a side.

Annalise shows Laurel a picture of her baby, she didn’t even get a chance to see him.  Of course she is overcome with emotion.  Annalise tries to convince her that the baby will be ok.  Just think, they weren’t even speaking a few episodes ago and now they are tied to each other for life because Annalise delivered that baby through the elevator.

Poor Dominic

Laurel has an idea of how they can get the baby back and it involved Dominic.  Frank meets Dominic at his car, and I’m sure you know the rest of that story.  Frank hasn’t killed anyone in a while so I know he’s going through some type of withdrawal about that.  After the quick kill, Frank goes back to Laurel’s room and she’s still talking about her idea to get at Dominic.  Frank is like yeah, ummm, Dominic can’t help. Then Laurel calls his phone and it rings from Frank’s pocket.  Ya’ll are gonna have to give Frank a heads up on these things, he’s got a quick trigger finger.  RIP Dominic, it was nice knowing you.

Back in the waiting area, Simon comes back and says he tried to see Simon but security wouldn’t let him through which makes him feel good since none of them will get through either.  

Frank didn’t find much info on Dominic’s phone except for a voice mail from Christophe aka Wes.  Oh my goodness, haaaay Wes!!!.  Now before we get too excited, we don’t know when the message was from.  If it’s recent that means that Wes really isn’t dead and as the baby’s father they might have a chance to get the kid back.  But if it’s an old message, they are just teasing us which is really, really mean to do.

That’s it folks.  We have to wait until next week see what happens next.


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