HTGAWM Ep 8 Recap: Live. Live. Live.


I wonder who is dying since the episode is called Live. Live. Live.  We start with Oliver on the phone with someone while he’s at the party at Caplan & Gold.  He rushes out, not sure why yet.  When he gets to a lower floor, he rushes to tell Laurel, Michaela, and Asher that Annalise knows everything.  But then he notices that they all have blood all over them.   He walks over and sees what has to be a dead body then screams (we don’t actually see what’s on the floor, just assuming with these kids it’s a dead body).

Earlier that day

So that was another flash forward (thanks for nothing) and now we flash back to a few hours earlier, actually a whole 24 hours earlier.  Connor is mad at Oliver for lying to him and then tells him to give him the ring back.  They are at Laurel’s place so Connor can get some answers probably.  The whole gang is there, it is kind of reminiscent of season 1 except without Wes.  They are such schemers.

Annalise and Bonnie

Annalise is looking exhausted and heads back to her apartment.  She gets stuck on the elevator and when the door finally opens, Bonnie is standing in the hallway.  She wants to come clean about seeing Isaac the therapist, but Annalise already knew.  

We move over to Isaac and his ex-wife arguing.  He’s pissed, obviously, that she went behind his back to got Annalise to remove him as her therapist.

Back to Annalise and Bonnie, Bonnie tries to say some of the things she did were to help Annalise. Bonnie has a real sick relationship or fetish with Annalise.  She professes her love for Annalise and it’s just very strange.  Annalise tells her to leave and that she’s scared of her, which she should be.  There’s crazy and then there’s Bonnie.

The Gang

Connor is trying to convince everyone not to go forward with their plan, but he’s not really winning. Connor takes a specific jab at Frank telling him he’s just a little boy and just replaced Annalise as his mommy with Laurel.  Yeah Frank didn’t like that too much, stars choking Connor.  I mean, what did you expect Connor.  Frank hasn’t even killed anybody yet this season (that we know of) so he’s got some pent up aggression.

Laurel finally breaks them apart.  She explains to Connor that he doesn’t have to help, he just needs to keep quiet.  Then Annalise calls him back, Connor had called her on the way over, he was going to spill the beans.  He makes up something with Annalise and then he tells the team he’s going to the party now to watch them.

Party Time

At the party, all of the gang is nervous and acting guilty.  Connor is still mad at Oliver and is letting him have it.  Laurel meanwhile is back at the apartment going crazy since she isn’t at the party.  Frank breaks into Simon’s apartment to start the setup.

Annalise is now thinking through all of the past conversations with Isaac and with Bonnie.  She’s under a lot of pressure, but she really is trying to get right with her life.

Laurel gets a phone call from an unknown caller.  We don’t hear the other side of the conversation so I have no idea who it is.

Annalise has some kind of epiphany and grabs her coat.  She leaves her apartment in a hurry.

Next we see Nate open his door, but it’s not Annalise that knocked, it’s Bonnie, with a bottle of wine.  I don’t like her and she doesn’t deserve Nate’s good stuff if that’s why she went over there.

Annalise went to see Isaac.  She apologizes for everything that went down and says she wants to keep seeing him.

Simon Says

At the party, Simon comes over to Oliver to apologize for acting up earlier around Connor.  It turns out, he is jealous of Connor and doesn’t believe that Connor deserves Oliver.  He goes on to express his feelings for Oliver.  This is too much.  I’d be careful, I don’t trust Simon at all.  

Oliver feels guilty and goes to the gang with second thoughts about using Simon.  Laurel shows up to make sure they don’t give up.

Annalise and Isaac are arguing, he doesn’t want to take her back as a patient because now he feels like she knows too much personal information about him and it wouldn’t be right.  But she keeps on begging. Annalise gets a phone call from Connor and he tells her everything.

More Bonnie

Nate and Bonnie are drinking and talking about Annalise.  She accuses him of telling Annalise about Isaac but he says he didn’t.  She’s complaining that she doesn’t have any other friends, that’s cold.  I mean it’s true but she didn’t have to say that to Nate.  I still don’t understand why Nate doesn’t have more of a story this season, I have a feeling he’s gonna have a bigger role later in the season.  Once again, he’s letting a woman cry on his shoulder and then sleep on his couch.

The Speech

Tegan is getting ready to give her speech at the party.  Michaela tries one more time and tells Tegan that she can’t possibly give her speech while holding on to her purse.  That’s what she needed.  She only needs a min to get that card.

She gives the card to Asher who heads downstairs.  They only have five minutes. Hopefully Tegan is a talker.  Downstairs, Oliver is doing his thing.  He runs into a snag but luckily Laurel is in there to help him.  They are running out of time, with only one minute left but they get finished.  Then Asher remembers that they are supposed to be setting up Simon.  They decide that Oliver needs to get the card into Simon’s hands to he can be found to be the culprit.  Oliver is looking for Simon to do the deed and then Connor calls to let him know he told Annalise everything.  

Now we are back to the beginning of the episode and why Oliver was running through the party scared. Oh my gosh, did they kill Simon?!  This is where he heads down to the group, Michaela is shaking and sure enough it’s Simon that’s dead.  What the hell???

Poor Simon

Another little flashback.  Laurel and Asher meet up with Michaela but it looks like Simon was following her.  He overhears Asher say that Oliver is trying to find Simon to plant the key card.  Simon comes out and is like what is going on.  Laurel offers to pay him and keeps holding her purse.  He’s trying to figure out what’s in the purse so he grabs it.  Of course it looks crazy because he’s grabbing at a pregnant lady’s purse but low and behold she had a gun in it.

As it turns out he shot himself as Michaela was trying to get him to put the gun down, he backed up and tripped over a chair.  Oh my.  Then Simon rolls in talking about Annalise knows, but then he sees the body.  

Michaela really is crazy.  She is acting like a boss, while covered in blood, while a dead body is on the ground.  She sends Laurel off and tells her to get a cab and pay cash.  She wipes down everything and then says it’s ok to call 911.

My heart is racing right now like I’m actually in the scene!!

Michaela goes upstairs to the main party, blood soaked and everything.  She screams for help and whispers everything to Connor then Tegan tries to calm her down and find out what happened.

Back at Annalise’s apartment, something’s going on there too.  She was on the phone chastising Frank for his role in all of this, but doesn’t see the spot of blood on her way to the elevator.  Whose blood is that?  She gets up to her floor and goes into her apartment when she hears somebody scream.

The Cab Ride To Hell

Laurel is in the cab and she gets a call from Annalise.  Annalise says for her to come over to her apartment and she’ll help her.  So Laurel has the cab turn around and she heads up to Annalise’s floor.  Nobody seems to notice that drop of blood, huh?  I guess I wouldn’t have either, it was just one drop.  Now Laurel notices blood dripping and it’s coming from her, she’s bleeding which isn’t surprising all that stress she’s under.  Now she remembers when she tried to break up Frank from choking Connor one of them hit her in the stomach.  

She’s a little stuck on the elevator and now her hands are covered in blood.  She’s stays calm at first but then starts to freak out.  Now we know how she lost that baby, at least that’s what it looks like.  She falls to the floor and then calls 911 but the phone doesn’t work.  She’s stuck.  She starts screaming for help but not that loud so I don’t know if anyone hears hear.  More blood keeps coming out of her, she might bleed to death at this rate.

At least we know she doesn’t die since we have seen the flash forwards of her in the hospital asking where her baby is.  You hear Annalise trying to break into the elevator door.  She finally opens it and can see Laurel on the ground but can’t get all the way in there.  I think we just saw the dead baby, that is too much.  They could’ve left a little to the imagination on that one.

Trauma Center

Annalise is on the phone with 911 but she can’t reach the baby.  She finally reaches the baby and cuts the cord.

They flash over to the hospital where they are trying to keep Simon alive and the party where the cops are questioning everyone.

Connor is at Laurel’s place but of course she’s not there.  He calls Michaela, who still hasn’t wiped her face off and they are wondering where Laurel went.

Annalise is trying to pull the baby through the gate of the elevator and she makes it.  The baby is so tiny, like smaller than a baby doll.  I don’t know how far along Laurel was but that’s a really tiny baby.  The 911 lady is trying to walk her through CPR but it doesn’t seem to be working.  Damn it’s taking a long time for the ambulance to get there.

Meanwhile I don’t think Simon is going to make it.  

Connor is still on the phone with Michaela going crazy and there is somebody at the bottom of the stairs listening but I can’t see who it is.  He’s basically repeating everything they’ve done.

Back to Annalise, we hear the baby cry.

Next Time

So basically we have to wait almost 2 months until the show comes back.  I may need that amount of time to recover from this one episode.  It was too much.  Oh by the way, they arrested Asher.  I don’t know why, since he didn’t actually do anything so we’ll have to see what happens.  

We don’t get any preview of the next episodes but we need to know the following:

  1. What happens to Laurel’s baby?
  2. Is Michaela ever going to wipe the blood from her face?
  3. Who was the guy at the bottom of the stairs?  
  4. Does Simon make it?
  5. Why did Asher get arrested?


Until 2018 folks!

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