HTGAWM Ep 7: Nobody Roots for Goliath

Under The Covers

We open the episode with Oliver and Connor are getting it in, under the covers.  Connor is commenting that he should be dead or in jail but instead he’s working on cases to really help people.  And Oliver has a job, so things are really good.  But borning according to Oliver.

Stalking Annalise

So we left last week where Jimmy Smits ex-wife goes over to Annalise’s apartment to talk to her.  Still not sure how she has the address.  We switch back and forth between Annalise’s last session with Jimmy and the conversation at her door with his ex-wife.  The ex-wife is telling her about Jimmy’s issues and how their daughter committed suicide a few years ago.  She thinks Jimmy (Isaac) is using drugs again and she’s worried.  So basically, it’s like she’s saying that Annalise is triggering him to use.  This is strange.

Back at the office scene, Annalise is trying to end things with Jimmy and he’s resisting.  It does kind of seem like she’s his drug, he doesn’t want to let her go even though she says she’s getting too close to him and needs a change.  She’s found another therapist and guess who it is.


Back at the hall of her apartment, the ex-wife (what is her name) says she’s also an addiction specialist and can help Annalise finish up her sessions for the disciplinary board.  This sounds like a good plan, but I don’t trust Jimmy/Isaac or his ex-wife.  Annalise doesn’t need this extra stress, she was making progress until people started bringing their issues into her life!

Trying to Make Up

Michaela brings Asher some breakfast, one of his favorites, but he stands strong. He’s not having it, and is still pissed at her.  Looks like he’s rooming with another student named Dougie and Asher won’t tell her if he’s told anybody what he knows. Michaela tells Laurel that if she kills Asher, she’s gonna need an alibi.  

Court is In Session

Connor is begging to sit up at the desk with Annalise, but she’s like naw, I need to sit up here alone because nobody roots for Goliath.  The attorney general, who has taken over the case from the DA’s office, tries to get her cases dismissed because Annalise doesn’t have the required number of plaintiffs, she only has 33.  She’s like, hold on, I actually had some new ones come in….we’re up to 42, 50, 79 plaintiffs and counting.  BAAM!!  

So the attorney general then says Annalise isn’t fit for the case because she’s an alcoholic.  He pulls out a photo of her with a half empty bottle of scotch.  Annalise says somebody put that on her car and she merely picked it up to throw it in the trash.  These people are dirty!  He better watch out though, might not want to mess with Annalise.

After court, Nate and Bonnie are chatting it up, not too thrilled that they aren’t on the case anymore. Nate asks Bonnie if she thinks Annalise is drinking again.  Bonnie says that Annalise drinks vodka, not scotch, and anybody close to her would know that.

Asher in the Power Seat

After class, Laurel and Michaela are still trying to get Asher to forgive them.  Laurel starts going in on him about the “nanny” cam he left at her place, which was a little sleazy.  He doesn’t know what she’s doing up in there, especially since she’s been so horny lately.  He’s like no, I’m in the power seat here, and he demands they tell Frank what they are up to so that another adult can talk them out of what they are doing.

Frank is shocked and pissed when they tell him.  Kind of surprising since Frank is a killer, but he says he’s trying to turn his life around and everyone else should be doing the same.

What Are The Next Steps

Connor is trying to help Annalise figure out who took that photo.  She says they need money to do that.  Connor suggests they use Frank.  Annalise gets an idea of someone who will help them for free.  

She goes to a very unlikely person – the District Attorney.  He thinks she’s definitely been drinking again if she thinks he’s going to help her.  Since he’s running for Attorney General, they have the same enemy.  She wants them to get crazy together and he looks tempted to join in.

Outside, Connor is catching up with Laurel and ask her how the baby is doing.  He called the baby “little waitlist” – that’s so cute.  Maybe Wes really is dead, it’s halfway through the season.  Anyway, Bonnie walks over wondering why Connor is there and he tells her that Annalise is meeting with her boss.  When Annalise comes out, there is a very awkward moment when she and Laurel say hi to each other. Everyone else has seemed to forgive Annalise but Laurel is holding on strong to her grudge.

On the way out, Annalise is smiling, the DA is on board.  I wonder what they’ll cook up together.

Party Time

Oliver is at the office fixing Simon’s computer which has a virus when Michaela grabs him to let him know that Asher knows everything.  Oliver is freaking out and feels like he has to tell Connor but Michaela doesn’t want him to.

Tegan grabs Michaela and wants her to throw an office party in a few days for the Antaras announcement.  Tegan wants to make sure she gets all the credit and wants everyone invited so she can give a speech and show the “man-children” in the office how bad of a boss bitch she is.  Tegan is pretty funny.


Back in court, Annalise calls a witness to defend her character from the earlier ambush.  She calls Darlene Thornton from the DA’s office.  She’s asking Darlene about the picture, it turns out that Darlene took the picture and she put the liquor on Annalise’s car.  Not sure if Darlene is telling the truth or not since she works for the DA, but regardless she made her point.

After court, Bonnie tracks down the attorney general offering to help him bring down Annalise.  I’m sick of Bonnie right now, she is doing everything she can to destroy Annalise.  Maybe she’s tricking him, not sure.

Convincing Frank

Laurel is trying to explain to Frank that he doesn’t really love her if he doesn’t understand her need to get back at her father.  Poor Frank.  So just like that, he changes his tune and now he gets the others together talking about we need to do this.  He’s whipped.


Asher is still trying to talk sense into the others but I’m not sure it’s working.  He’s still mad at Michaela for lying but also, I think he’s sad because they left him out.  I think that happened in season 1 too, he’s always the last to know.




Getting Asher Back

Michaela is trying her hardest to get Asher to forgive her.  He can’t get over the lying.  He isn’t sure she really wants to be with him, he thinks he’s the second choice.  He isn’t convinced especially since she only gave him one drawer and he has to look at the wedding dress she keeps from her relationship with Ayden.  Poor Asher, he is really hurt.

Annalise Going Crazy?

So Annalise is in the shower and thinks she hears something.  She gets out her gun and starts searching all over the apartment.  When she heads back to the kitchen there is one bottle of vodka on the counter.  Somebody is trying to make her lose it and relapse.  I blame Bonnie, she is probably behind this.  Damn Bonnie.


She calls Nate and she heads over to his place.  Not sure that’s a good idea since he has all those muscles. I’d be tempted (remember season 1?).  Anyway, Nate brings up the Darlene thing, he knows Darlene was lying for her.  He’s just trying to help her.  They should get back together anyway, at least she could be less stressed.  Instead she’s sleeping on the couch.

Court Time

Jimmy shows up to talk with Annalise.  The attorney general subpoenaed him, he tried to call her but she didn’t pick up because she probably thought he wanted to know why she changed therapists.  This should get interesting and is probably also Bonnie’s doing.  How else would the AG get Jimmy’s name or even think to call him as a witness.  Damn Bonnie.

On the stand, Jimmy stands strong for the most part.  He says Annalise is fit to try these cases.  He does a pretty good job of defending her without actually lying to do it.  I guess he lied a little since he thinks taking the case may cause her to relapse.  

I knew it was Bonnie.  Afterwards, the AG is pissed at Bonnie, he thought the doctor would destroy Annalise.  All Bonnie can do is apologize and now she looks stupid.  That’s what she gets trying to hurt her.  Well, well, well.  Nate comes by and says he knows that Bonnie knows the doctor and she probably went to him for therapy, that’s how far gone she is.  I need Nate to have a better story line though, he’s just lurking around pointing out everyone else’s flaws.  I don’t know whose side Bonnie is on though, maybe she doesn’t know either.

The judge decides in Annalise’s favor and certifies the class action suit.  Good for Annalise and then we see Bonnie with a little smile too.  Again, not sure whose side she’s on.

Asher’s On Board

Asher has a change of heart and decides to join the group because of Wes.  He made it clear he still doesn’t forgive Michaela (Frank still calls Michaela prom queen, which is cute).  Oliver comes up with a plan but says they are all going to hell if they do his plan.  Laurel’s like, we are already going to hell so what’s the plan.

Basically, since Oliver was helping Simon with his computer virus, he has full access to his stuff and his passwords.  They are going to steal Tegan’s access card but blame it on Simon.  Nobody likes him anyway, so they decide it’s a good plan.

Living Stress Free

Now everybody’s living the good life!

Annalise is having a press conference about her win, but hands the mic over to Connor.  He’s speechless but this is now his opportunity to shine.

Laurel decides to do a paternity test for Frank and swabs some DNA from him.  She wants him to know for sure if he’s the daddy or not.

Asher goes back home and sees the old wedding dress on the floor.  Michaela walks in and says she’s been thinking about what he said to her.  Asher thinks she’s going to propose to him – poor thing, he is so cute and lost all the time.  She’s like no.  She has a bottle of ketchup and this is about to be dumb.  She wants to prove her love for him.  Girl NO!!! Just sell the dress and get the money.  She pours ketchup all over that dress, what a shame.  Asher loves it.

Oliver is on his way home and calls Simon to tell him he thinks he has an answer for his virus.  He’s about to set him up so bad.  To think that Oliver was once the only one who didn’t do crimes.  He goes into the apartment and Connor has a little tent set up for them made of sheets.

Annalise goes to visit Jimmy at his office.  She says he lied on the stand, he says no.  Without this case she might relapse so he feels she needs the case more than anything else.  She starts breaking down crying, and starts telling stories about Sam.  She thinks she just hurts people and wants to know if she is triggering him to use.  She finally tells him about the ex-wife.

Connor ends up proposing to Oliver in their little tent.  Isn’t that special.  This episode is just ending with all sorts of good stuff.  Well wait, Oliver doesn’t say yes.  He can’t say yes while he’s been lying.

The Next 48

Now we’re back to normal, we see a flash forward to 48 hours ahead.  Oliver has witnessed something, Bonnie is trying to solve a crime, Asher is in jail, somebody is on the operating table, Michaela is crying. Oh my, this is going to be good next week.


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