HTGAWM Ep 11 Recap: He’s A Bad Father

Are we ready for another roller coaster ride with the absolute messiest lawyers and students around?! Here we go…

Hi Mom

We open with Laurel on the phone with her mother. Remember, last week the number that kept calling Dominic’s phone, it was Laurel’s mom. Laurel is speaking some other language, sounds like French. Frank is looking so silly trying to understand the conversation, but you don’t speak French so stop trying so hard!

Connor call Annalise to tell her that Nate’s dad is in prison. She didn’t know. She gets off the phone quick so she can get back to Laurel. Laurel thinks her mom can help. She’s coming to testify against Laurel’s dad in the trial but Annalise and Frank don’t think it’s that simple. Annalise loses it a little, she’s like I’m walking out if your mom comes here.  They calmed down and Laurel won in the end, her mom is coming to visit.


Who Is Nate?

Annalise shows up at Nate’s office trying to figure out why he mailed that file of his daddy to her, knowing she’s figure out eventually that he did. His dad has been in prison since Nate was little, so they really don’t have much of a relationship but he figured he’d try to get him out or at least have Annalise look over the case.

Mom and Dad in Court

Everyone is standing outside of the courtroom waiting on Laurel’s mom. They are all wondering what she’ll be like. Frank is the first to speak and she smooth ignores him and goes right to Annalise talking about how much she’s heard about her.  Frank just can’t catch a break, it’s pretty funny. She hugs Annalise and then they all head into the courtroom.

Laurel tries to keep her mom away from her dad. She goes over to talk to him and asks about her son. He’s still asking her about the hard drive and then she heads into court with Annalise. He claims, very loudly, that he didn’t kill Wes.  I don’t believe him, unless Wes really isn’t dead, in that case I believe him. Watch Wes come out of nowhere in the last episode of the season.  I’d be so mad, but happy at the same time.

On The Stand

So Laurel is on the stand and Annalise is questioning her about her drug use. She talks about missing her baby, but not sure how believable she really is. After court everyone’s walking out and Frank makes a comment.  She looks right at him and says “Who are you again?”. He’s like damn, shaded for a second time.

Bonnie’s Back On The Team

Sort of, she’s looking into Wes’ phone records for Annalise. I guess they made up. But then she finds out that somebody maybe hacked her system. She calls Oliver for help but then realizes her phone might be bugged too.

Back in court, her dad’s lawyer is going in on Laurel. He basically accuses of her of asking about getting an abortion because she didn’t want the baby and didn’t want the baby growing up like Wes. I don’t really understand the last part. Anyway, she did ask about her abortion options at the hospital so she couldn’t really say much, but she tried. He was kinda badgering her, but it did make it seem like she wasn’t sure she wanted the baby or not. What kind of father would do that to their daughter?  Such a shame.

Are You Still A Pig?

The students found out something about Nate’s dad, and rush the courthouse to tell Annalise. She listens and then heads right over to Nate’s office, saying his dad meets the criteria for her to take the case on. Nate’s skeptical but it seems like he didn’t really get a fair shot. Nate isn’t really that interested since he hasn’t seen him in over 15 years. But they go visit him in prison that night anyway.

His dad has been in solitary for over 2 years. They bring him in with shackles on.  Oooh I love this actor, Glynn Turman, he’s good. This makes me miss Cicely Tyson, she hasn’t been on since the beginning of the season.  Anyway, Annalise talks to him about what her goal is with the class action suit. He looks dazed and confused. Nate isn’t really saying a word.

But when Annalise tells him she’s there because of his son, Nate, he loses it, but in a real cool way. Apparently homeboy doesn’t appreciate the fact that Nate is a cop and holds a grudge against him, called him a pig and everything. That’s a shame. He literally loses it and seems like he’d rather stay in prison that let his son help. I can’t understand that one.


Asher Can’t Stop Talking

At Asher and Michaela’s apartment, Michaela is trying give Asher some of that good good, and he won’t shut up talking about Nate’s dad and the psychological effects of solitary confinement. Michaela can’t understand it and finally convinces him to behave like a boyfriend, but yeah Asher isn’t really in the mood.  Too funny.


Oliver Raising Money For Simon

Oliver is in the bed and him and Connor’s appointment. This fool is on the computer creating a GoFundMe page to raise money for Simon’s parents to come visit.  He is a trip. It’s really their fault in a way that Simon is close to death and he just won’t stay out of the way.  Connor isn’t happy about it and neither am I. Oliver seems to think if his parents come it will somehow make a difference. Connor tries to knock sense into him, that he’s putting himself at risk of being proven to be the reason Simon is in the situation he’s in. At least Oliver paused to think about it, but who knows whether he’ll stop or not.

Bonnie’s Paranoa

Bonnie and Frank are meeting in a parking lot. Frank offers to come to her house and sweep it for bugs. She’s worried that they’ll find out if he does that. Frank is worried that Laurel is wrong and her dad didn’t really kill Wes.  Bonnie says, “then I’ll kill her”, and she seemed serious.  She feels like she’s putting her life at risk trying to help, so Laurel better be sure about this.


Court Time

Back in court, Frank is staring down Laurel’s dad, but it’s not going to do anything. So now her mom is missing, Frank was supposed to keep an eye on her while Laurel was gone, but he failed at that.  Talking about “she makes me nervous”. Her mom is outside when Annalise walks up. Annalise isn’t convinced that her testifying is good, so she tries to convince her not to do it.  Like they don’t really need her testimony to win. Her mom takes offense to that so now she’s extra ready when Laurel comes out.

Inside, Annalise is questioning her mom. She’s kind of hard on her, not sure of the strategy here. Off top, she accuses her of not being a good mother. Oh I get it now, it turns out that Laurel really parented her, took care of her, made sure she took her meds. So Annalise is trying to prove that Laurel can be a great mother. Slick Annalise.

Isaac shows up to court, ready for his testimony. He tells her that he changed his mind and can’t do it, but he’s joking. With a straight face Annalise is like, I am not in the mood for jokes, you better be ready. He starts going over what he’s about to say and it makes her think that Nate’s dad didn’t have any psych evaluations in his records and that could be a way to get him out or at least out of solitary.


Can Nate Be Convinced?

Annalise heads over to Nate’s office with the good news, but Nate isn’t interested anymore. He thinks his dad can’t be helped. Now you know that Annalise is stubborn as hell, you put this case in her lap, and she’s not going to give up no matter what. So she’s all in Nate’s face telling him he better convince his dad to sign those papers. We’ll see.

Nate heads back over to the prison to see his dad.  A visit his dad calls “a pig visit”. He then asks if Nate and Annalise are boning. He’s a little to nosy for having yelled at Nate not too long ago. Nate keeps his cool, even as the insults are being thrown at ihm. He tells his dad about about the mental issues he probably has and tries to get him to understand that Annalise can probably help.


What’s Going On In Court

Back at court, they didn’t cross examine Laurel’s mom which is really weird. That’s what everybody was afraid of. The only thing that can mean is that they have something up their sleeve for later. Next up is Isaac. Annalise starts questioning him and he says what we would expect.

Then comes the bomb. First they start with asking him about his drug addiction. So Isaac has to tell that story and how it makes him a better doctor. Next they bring up him being a suspect in his daughter’s death. Ok, damn. I mean this is literally less than 1 minute into the cross examination and they’ve already talked about his drug use and called him a killer?

Isaac looks stunned but not shaken. The judge let’s the questions go. He has to walk through how his daughter died in front of the whole courtroom. She overdosed on pills, similar to the drugs he used to use. Then they walked through the possibility of him staging his daughter’s death and that the DA’s office is reopening the case and charging him with murder. Drop the mic! Laurel’s dad is a little like the devil. Oh he’s not done, now he asks if Isaac covered up murdering her because he was molesting her. What a hot mess.

In the end, his whole testimony get struck because he’s now being accused of murder. So Annalise goes to her trusted friend, Bonnie to verify and it’s true. The DA is handling the case himself and we already know he’s in Laurel’s dad’s pocket. But Bonnie says it looks real. Annalise is blaming herself and Bonnie’s like suck it up, you got a case to handle.

Frank comes out to the car to tell them the judge has a decision. Of course, she rules her dad’s way. Since they had to strike Isaac’s testimony, there isn’t anyone that could vouch for her mental stability. What a blow. I say again, her dad is the devil.

Clues For Next Week

Back at her apartment, Laurel is sulking in her bed. Her mom is trying to comfort her and now she’s doubting if she’s right about her dad. Her mom tries to get her to stay positive.

Annalise tries to contact Isaac but no luck. Nate knocks on her door with the signed paperwork from his dad. They get a little cozy, maybe getting that old thing back. But they stop after a little kissing, they both know better. I just noticed he has dimples, how cute.

Back in prison, Nate Sr. is tearing up his cell looking for something. It’s an old picture of him and Nate from back in the day. Once he sees it, he starts crying. I really don’t understand that part.

Michaela gets home and the guys are partying about getting their Face Case, Nate’s dad. But then she lets them know that Laurel lost their case and it gets quiet.

Annalise heads over to Isaac’s place but he’s not there, she wants to make sure he’s ok after all that went down in court. She tries to look through the window, he’s in there, in a chair and it’s actually hard to see if he’s alive or not. Did he overdose or kill himself. What they are about to put him through is a lot for one person to handle.

Bonnie and Frank meet again in a parking garage. Bonnie is giving him an update on her search of Wes’ phone records. She found something. It turns out Wes and Laurel’s mom were at dinner together the day before he died. What the hell?!


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