HTGAWM Ep 10 Recap: Everything We Did Was For Nothing

Flashbacks and IPOs

Laurel is in the hospital having a flashback about everything that has happened to her from the blood in the elevator, her dad lying to her, not knowing where her baby is, everything.  

On television, her dad rang the NASDAQ bell since his company just went public. It’s a shame all he did to get there, and all those kids did to try to stop it.

Michaela is worrying about Tegan and whether or not she got fired. She texted her to see what was up. Asher is pissed about it. He thinks they should leave everyone alone.

Everybody is crooked on this show, even the good people trying to help.

House Arrest – At The Hospital

Annalise and Frank are now at the hospital with Laurel. Turns out her dad is seeing the baby every day showing he’s the right person to have custody. Michaela arrives to babysit Laurel, and when she’s talking to Frank and Annalise, Dominic’s phone starts ringing.  

I don’t understand why Frank doesn’t just put it on silent, like who is he expecting to call that he needs to hear the ringing? Try to make it less obvious that you are carrying around the phone of the guy you killed.

So turns out the same number keeps calling Dominic’s phone, and they are trying to figure out who keeps calling. Annalise just wants him to destroy the phone, but you know how stubborn Frank is.

Class Action Suit

Annalise is back at her apartment and gives the student’s homework on the class action suit.  Oliver is all worried about Simon, and then snaps at Annalise.  She claps back quick and he falls back and apologizes. I’m not sure why he’s so stuck on Simon.  

He went along with this stupid plan.  You are either a gangsta or your not, but Oliver needs to pick sides. His whining is annoying.  He might want to get some of that Beast Mode that Michaela is always talking about.

Annalise leaves her apartment but she has to take the elevator to get out.  Those flashbacks again. Connor comes out to the hallway asking her to take it easy on Oliver, but she’s like nah I’m good, he doesn’t need to be babied.  I kind of agree with her on this one.

Flashback City  

Frank is reminiscing about his kill of Dominic.  He goes to the junkyard to destroy evidence, but I doubt if he got rid of that phone.  No he didn’t because it just rang again.

Michaela is keeping Laurel company and Laurel is just complaining about being stuck in there and wanting to get out.  Michaela is still waiting on Tegan to respond back to her.

Annalise goes to Wes’ old apartment, where Laurel was staying.  Another flashback of Wes when he was alive.  She roams around his apartment looking for any type of clues.  She’s all up in his drawers, under his bed, like a detective.  She finds a little onesie, not sure if that was Laurel who put that in the drawer or not.

Back at the DAs office, Bonnie tracks down Nate wanting info on Asher.  He tells he she needs to stop smoking the Annalise crack, which is weird because he’s really on the same level as Bonnie, they both need to be ok with helping Annalise or just stop talking about it.  No need to judge Nate.  

Asher, Connor, and Oliver are still working through the case files.  Connor and Asher are really trying to find a case, meanwhile Oliver is over there hacking into the hospital computers so he can get an update on Simon.  Oliver is obsessed.

Back in the hospital, Laurel texted Annalise from Michaela’s phone and she comes running over.  Laurel thinks she found a way to get her out, Annalise lies and says she’s already filed this type of motion but it was denied.  Outside the room, Michaela is asking why she’s lying.  Annalise tries to explain that they don’t really know what’s going on with Laurel, the safest bet is too keep her in the hospital until they figure something out.

Nate heads over to Bonnie’s office to ask for her help.  Bonnie’s like why would I help you, when you were screwing Laurel in my house while you were living rent free.  She has a point.  She’s not helping him, not right now anyway.  Bonnie sure does know how to hold a grudge.

Connor thinks he found the best case but Oliver shuts it down, he keeps hacking into different sites to get the scoop on these inmates.  Nate comes over to talk to Asher.  Asher tells Nate he feels better in his presence, maybe it’s the muscles.  Asher is so funny.  

Nate delivers some bad news though, one of the partners saw Asher fighting with Simon at the party. Connor buts in.  Nate tells them to act regular until things cool down. When they go back out, Oliver is gone.

This fool has gone to the hospital to see Simon. He lies and tells the attendant that Simon is his boyfriend and he needs to see him. First of all, I need Oliver to calm down. Second of all, I need this attendant to be fired, if your name isn’t listed on the paperwork you don’t get in.  Aren’t those the rules?  

Oliver could be a killer for all he knew, but he let him go back.  In his room, Simon is in a coma but Oliver talks to him anyway, apologizing.

Back at Annalise’s apartment, she and Frank are arguing about whether to tell Laurel about the phone. Then of course it rings again. Annalise is furious, she told him to get rid of the phone and he didn’t. This time the call is coming from a different number, the DAs office. They think it’s the DA.  Frank thinks Annalise should got to Bonnie and apologize so that she can help.

The Apology

Annalise goes over to Bonnie’s place to apologize.  But she really doesn’t so Bonnie’s just like, ask me for what you want so this doesn’t have to be awkward.  Finally Annalise apologies for firing her and making her feel alone.  

It seemed genuine since it’s pretty hard for Annalise to be vulnerable like that.  

Oliver’s ass is in the hospital room sitting there talking to Simon like they are long lost brothers.  Connor and Asher go into the room and try to get Simon to leave but he won’t.  Its really stupid.  Connor leaves to visit Laurel and Asher stays with Simon.

Back at Bonnie’s, another flashback to the last time they argued. When Bonnie told her that she loved her. Bonnie explains that she may have taken it the wrong way, she’s not in love with her, but she loves her and it’s complicated.

In Laurel’s room, Michaela’s trying to figure out why Laurel went into labor early. Laurel tells her it was Frank. That time when Frank and Connor were arguing, Frank accidentally hit her. She makes Michaela promise not to tell Frank.

Back at Bonnie’s, Annalise explains to Bonnie that she is a little needy. Bonnie is like, girl you are the same way. They exhaust each other.  

The bottom line is back in the day, when Annalise ripped into Bonnie on the stand at her abuse trial, she tried to make up for it by bringing Bonnie into her life. Bonnie is thinking that maybe she just should’ve stayed in her small town and been a waitress.

Poor Little Oliver

Asher is trying to comfort Oliver and get him to not feel so guilty about Simon. Asher is so cute, and he tries to tell a story like an analogy, it just comes out awkward but at least he’s trying.  

Annalise and Bonnie are still trying to console each other, and walking through her trials and tribulations. Annalise says the likes helping people so she doesn’t feel so empty. Bonnie says she should just let everyone go, stop trying to help everyone because it’s not making her happy. Bonnie sounds a little like Isaac.

At the DAs office, Bonnie tells the DA that she destroyed all of the evidence that incriminated him so that she can keep her job. Not sure if this is real. Oh wait, she recorded it. I should’ve known, you can’t really trust Bonnie.


Nate goes to interview Tegan about Asher and Simon fighting. She tries to make him believe it was nothing and that he should forget about it. But Nate tells her about the stuff they found on Simon’s computer about her client. She says anything anybody knows is covered under attorney client privilege so Nate leaves.

Frank Hit Laurel (By Accident)

Michaela went to Annalise and begs her to get Laurel out of there. She tells her all the stuff the team is planning, but Annalise tells her to be patient. Michaela says there is nothing wrong with Laurel and blurts out that she had the baby early because Frank hit her accidentally. Man, she only kept that secret for about 10 min.

Annalise rolls over to Isaac’s office, he’s finishing up with a patient and she’s right outside waiting. She tries to apologize for the things she said about his daughter last episode. She was really out of line. He’s not in a forgiving mood and they start yelling back and forth. She wants him to evaluate Laurel to get an independent psych evaluation.

Isaac finally agrees.  In the hospital room he’s there to ask Laurel a bunch of questions. Then he’ll make a recommendation to the courts. Outside, Frank is pacing the all while they wait.  

Connor finds another possible case, someone who has been in prison for decades, mostly in solitary.  He is passionate about this and then they read his name. Nate Lahey. It’s Nate’s daddy. I knew Nate would eventually have a story.  

Nate’s at the gym with all those muscles. I have no idea why they showed that clip of him for like 10 seconds working out, it really didn’t add anything to the story. But it was eye candy nonetheless so I am grateful.  

Michaela finds Tegan coming out of a meeting or a restaurant. It’s like she stalking her. Not a good look Michaela. Tegan doesn’t not look impressed. Tegan says, ‘it’s remarkable how important you think you are’. That woman doesn’t care one bit about Michaela’s conscience or her feelings. Tegan is all about number one and right now Michaela is in her way. She tells Michaela that she better not text, call, or ambush her again ever.  

Isaac is still questioning Laurel. While this is happening, we get a glimpse to a conversation in the car with Laurel’s dad and the DA. Her dad has everyone on the payroll.

So after getting Isaac’s input, the hospital administrator granted Laurel’s release. Annalise and Frank take her back to her apartment then of course Dominic’s phone rings again. So they finally play her the recording of Wes.  

She listens to the message a few times and low and behold the phone rings again. But Laurel sees the number recognizes it and then she answers. It’s her mom.  

That’s all we get this week folks.  So next week we’ll meet Laurel’s mother, the one her dad tried to make seem crazy.  Hmm, we’ll see how that goes and whether she is crazy or not.


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