Five Books to Read Over the Holidays: STAFF PICKS for the Creative Mind

Seems like the holidays are quite possibly the busiest time of year. It’s easy to lose a bit of your creative flow and to feel burnt out. If you’re looking for a new book to get lost in over the holidays (or to give to someone as a gift), look no further:

I’ve read each of these five books (some more than once) and took away so much from each one. I was inspired by a brain-scientist who recounts how the events of her stroke led to her enlightenment. I fell in love with the words of a Zen Buddhist and learned how the science behind meditation goes hand in hand with creativity.  Also, I learned how to generate better ideas and the power of consistency. Finally, the words of Randy Pausch are incorporated into my everyday life and have made such an impact on the way I live my life and the person I strive to be. (The Last Lecture is probably my favorite book on this list).

What books have sparked YOUR creativity? Tell us in the comments below.

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