Exclusive Interview: Crystal Johnson

How do you feel about winning such a huge contest with Motionless in White and what inspired you to enter, since this is your first submission with Creative Allies?

It has now been a month since MIW released the album art, and I still am very floored by the whole experience. It has been bittersweet with the backlash, but the overwhelming support I have received from not only other fans like myself, but from Chris “Motionless”, has really helped tremendously!

What inspired me to enter the contest was that right before the contest I was going to give up on photography as a whole. I was jaded, overworked and feeling like I was not getting anywhere despite the amazing response I had in the past from my work. Chris had posted a video for the contest, and being a long time fan, I thought “Why the hell not?!?”.

What positive responses have you gotten from your work and winning since the contest closed?

Tremendous love and support from the fans! You really never know what way the wind will blow with something like this, and out of everything there has been a ton of support for the artwork and for the band’s new music.

I heard you had to deal with negative responses as well. How did you handle that? How did it feel to have Chris “Motionless” calling you?

I knew going in to this even if I won I would receive some negative backlash from other contestants that did not win, or people who did not particularly like my work. For I would say 95% of the negativity I just brushed it off most of the time, and defended myself only a handful of times because I really did not like the hate thrown towards my 10 year old son.

You know, I giggle thinking about it, but I had a fan girl moment for about 30 seconds when he called me. I have been a long time fan of the band for so many years, so to talk to Chris in such a personal setting was pretty cool. But after my fan girling I just talked to him like a friend. He and I are around the same age, so I think it is a different situation than someone who may be a bit younger that may just think of the celebrity factor rather than he’s just this really chill guy who makes awesome music. At the end of the day, they are all just normal guys that have an amazing job they work very hard at.

What additional work are you doing with the band and World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)?

I was asked by Chris Brown from Roadrunner Records to do some of the WWE NXT members in a similar fashion as the cover. I believe it was 3 to 4 photos of the members for WWE NXT. I think it’s pretty darn cool, not only for myself, but for the band having “LOUD” as the theme for WWE!

And lastly, how excited are you to fly out and meet Motionless in White in person!?

Pretty darn excited! I think I will, again, fan girl for a minute and then be okay with it all!

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