Epic Rights, Creative Allies Collaborate with Global Design Community for Stunning New Merchandise

Epic Rights is a Los Angeles-based company offering full-service branding, marketing, and licensing services to a star-studded lineup of musical artists such as AC/DC, KISS, John Lennon, Aerosmith, Billy Joel, and many more. The company delivers full-service music merchandising, including concert merchandise, VIP ticketing, fan clubs and experiences, and also runs official online shops for its roster of artists.

In the last few years, Epic Rights has collaborated with Creative Allies to host some of our most successful contests, changing the way recording artists connect with their fans and develop new official merchandise.  


A pair of recent contests, according to Laura Sanders, Creative Manager at Creative Allies, illustrate the power of the company’s partnership with Epic Rights to deliver new merchandise campaigns fueled by a great design and engagement of a global fan base. “In early 2015, we ran one of our most successful contests, supporting rock legends Jefferson Airplane,” said Sanders. “The metrics of the contest indicate success on all fronts: Epic Rights picked a winning design to be used in multiple merchandise and promotional formats from 161 entries. While we ran the Jefferson Airplane contest, it received about 45,000 page views on our site, with an additional 3.5 million impressions via Creative Allies’ social reach—representing widespread global interest in the project .”

The contest also represented the multiple benefits for the global design community at Creative Allies. In addition to the contest winner, the Epic Rights team hand-selected five additional winners to be featured on licensed merchandise in the Creative Allies’ Epic Rights online store.  The contest also brought some new design players to the global spotlight. A UK-based art collective, Vamp, won the contest, designers from Germany and Indonesia were picked among the five winning submissions for the e-commerce store.

This fall, Creative Allies concluded another successful contest for Epic Rights, launched for the iconic New York music venue, CBGB. The CBGB contest offered an interesting contrast, an altogether different design challenge for the Creative Allies community to address. “With Jefferson Airplane, we had a pretty open canvas for taking submissions, allowing for a broad spectrum of work,” said Sanders. “CBGB is one of the most recognizable brands in the music industry, purely from its logo—as iconic as the venue itself. But considered the nurturing point, if not the birthplace, for punk, New Wave, and multiple alternative genres, CBGB has an aesthetic all its own. So while the Jefferson Airplane sparked more thematic variety, the CBGB experience yielded a tighter set of really powerful designs, conceptually closer to each other, more nuanced.”


Ultimately, the CBGB contest resulted in three winning designs from over 320 entries worldwide, and the Creative Allies curation team is currently working with Epic Rights to select more winners for the online merchandise store.

For Sanders, engaging designers around the world—cheered by artist fan bases along the creative process—brings a “power to the people” approach to the company’s work. “It’s community-based design,” said Sanders. “Our platform creates opportunities for designers to work with clients they’d never get the chance to work with otherwise. Our partnership model enables agencies like Epic Rights to meet their goals through a greater volume of beautiful design concepts from an ocean of unattached talent.”

We will be announcing new Epic Rights contests, celebrating some of the music world’s legendary artists and music festivals, in the coming months—stay tuned.  In the meantime, experience the power of the Creative Allies/Epic Rights collaboration by visiting the Epic Rights online store at http://store.creativeallies.com/collections/epic-rights.

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