Building A Brand With Hassan Pinto Part 2

We are finishing up the conversation with entrepreneur Hassan Pinto. You can find Part 1 of the interview here.

What is next for you as an entrepreneur and the Blue Blood Rivalry brand?

I was speaking about Blue Blood Rivalry at the University of Michigan this past spring. They have an amazing rivalry there too – The Border Battle. I looked at those two b’s that we use and I said, man, I can take those b’s and rename them Border Battle.

What will The Border Battle brand encompass?

So the next thing up is a 5k run through both Columbus, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan. And for us to create a beer called Border Battle that’s shipped to Michigan and Columbus. Obviously, we’ll start around Ann Arbor and Columbus. Then we’ll branch out. The idea is to take the same beer formula, redesign the cans and then push it out to the marketplace.

How will the 5k runs be different since you’re now doing it in two cities much further away from each other than Chapel Hill and Durham?

Those two rivalries are hundreds of miles apart. So what we plan to do is create runs on November 24th. That’s right before Thanksgiving and we’ll get both of those marketplaces ready to run for the rivalry as well and drink some beer. So that’s where we’re headed next.

To make this work, we’re looking for a few good people. We’re trying to bring on more interns in from that part of the country. Like I said before, success is about nuance. We are successful with Blue Blood Rivalry because we know the ride, we are part of it, we live it. We need people in that area that know about The Border Battle, who understand it.

It’s an exciting thing happening with our brand. Our plan is to sell more beer and more shirts. We plan on using Creative Allies to create the Border Battle store and the Border Battle apparel designs. So are excited about it and we think this model of rivalry is endless.


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