Durham Central Park: Adventures at the Brass Zoo

Durham Central Park was the place to be on Friday, June 30 as the downtown area was turned into a playground by the NYC “Subway Gawdz” themselves, Too Many Zooz. (Yes, the band that performed at the  2016 CMA Awards with the Queen Bee herself, Beyonce.) On their Facebook page, the band lists their interests as “We love making music and sharing it with everyone”. Well, here at Creative Allies, we love listening to music and sharing it with everyone!

I became familiar with the (self-defined) brass house group through a viral video that swept the Internet a couple years back. Baritone sax player Leo Pellegrino and drummer, King of Sludge, were busking in an underground NYC subway while people shuffled about on their day-to-day routine. The super cool duo provided an upbeat soundtrack to the everyday hustle and bustle, letting their unique energy and creative talent shine through with a whole lotta ‘flava that left me wanting more. With a love of drum & bass, as well as electronic house music, I was an instant fan of the group and kept my eye on their touring schedule. Fast forward two years later to the DCP Concert series announcing their partnership with The Art of Cool Project and the start of their concert season with a FREE event featuring this one-of-a-kind brass trio. I knew where I would be!

The band was slotted to play from 6-8pm and started right on time (which is ALWAYS a plus). The sky was a bit overcast but luckily the rain held out so umbrellas weren’t needed. The trio did not fail to bring their funky, upbeat vibe as the crowd began dancing immediately. People from all walks of life, age and gender were movin’ & groovin’ as Too Many Zooz set the scene for one giant dance party; some folks were moving for the full two-hour set!

Through the wail of Leo P’s sax to the roar of Matt Doe’s trumpet and the pounding of  the King’s drums, it was easy to hear the “Zooz” reference, as I was sure elephants were about to stampede at any moment. At one point, the drumming was so intense that the instrument began to crack and King of Sludge had to take a duct tape pause, which in the end, prevented the band’s encore from happening. They simply jammed out too hard and their instruments needed a break (no pun intended).

Thankfully, we all survived the Zoo(z) in the Park (there were in fact, NO actual elephants) and perhaps feel a bit wilder for doing so! It was a loud, colorful and fun experience that brought people together all in the name of live music and made everyone feel “cool“. Durham, that ROCKS!

Too Many Zooz are about to head to Canada to continue spreading their love of creating & sharing music before whisking off across the UK on an unstoppable tour that’s sure to have the world dancing!


Jenn Ryan
is a Senior Marketing Specialist for Creative Allies.
Employee and Guest Blogs are the opinion of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or views of Creative Allies Inc. or its affiliates. 

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