Leaving A Tiny House To Chase Dreams of Travelling The Country

Recently, I sat down with Lilly Steele – a spunky, energetic, St. Louis native who lives life by following her heart. Lilly lives to make her dreams a reality. She often uses the mantra, “Have confidence in your ability, and then be tough enough to follow through”.

Her dream is simple. Lilly plans to load up in her Prius and travel the United States with her cat and her dog. Lilly is an aerial silk instructor and circus performer, but she started just like many others.

The Path Less Traveledaerial, dreams

After graduating college with a degree in Interior Design she recognized that she wasn’t fulfilled by her original life plans. She wanted to take the path less traveled. She got in touch with some friends who were part of the circus network, and researched through social media to make some contacts.

This is how she got her first exclusive gig working with a local St. Louis circus doing aerial silks, stilt work and face painting. She acquired a following allowing her to open her own aerial silk studio, which she successfully ran for five years. 

Tiny House Dreams

Meanwhile, inspired by her love for interior design and micro-living she to builds a “tiny house”.

Tiny houses are homes that range from 100 to 400 square feet. The purpose is to enable more efficient living. Perks also include economic and personal freedom that many people can’t have living in a regular sized home.

Using social media as a tool she caught the eye of HGTV producers. She was featured on the hit show, “Tiny House Big Living” where film crews documented her tiny house progress. After years of research and planning (and couch surfing), her Tiny house affectionately referred to as “Little Louisa” was finished in 2016.

Get to know Lilly better and watch her tiny house journey on the her HGTV episode below. She happily lived there for about a year before personal interests moved her to North Carolina.


Adventure Awaitsaerial, canyons, dreams

Accustomed to living a nomadic lifestyle, she dreams of traveling across the country. After months of planning and research Lilly kicks off her cross country journey in July 2018.

Using her Tiny House experience she outfits a Toyota Prius as her home away from home while traveling. The backseat no longer exists. The Prius has a built in bed, kitchenette and storage to make the car livable.

Lilly truly understands the “less is more” concept and plans to fit everything inside her car. This includes her dog, Harlo and cat Lucy… who is currently being harness trained in preparation for the trip.

She plans to travel for months at a time, with intentions to start and end each leg of the trip in St. Louis. This will ensure that she, and her pets, get rest and prepare for the next adventure. Each section of the trip is based around circus gigs and fitness workshops. Other than that, she has no plans other than to follow what calls to her.


Where Will She Go?

After compiling pages and pages of attractions and pit stops she mapped out her expedition. North in the summer to stay cool and south in the winter to stay warm. She will start by heading North to Sleeping Bear Dune and from there exploring out the western half of the country.

Keep up with Lilly (and gang) and her adventures through her website www.tinycircusdreams.com, or her instagram @Tinycircusdreams!


Jessica Smith

Jessica is a college student  from North Carolina and the Pop Culture Contributor for On The Scene. 

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