Ally to Watch: Waves Design

Known in our design community as Waves, illustrator and graphic designer, Muhammad is from Malang City, Indonesia. He has created art for nearly 20 contests, including the award winning pieces below.

  • Triangle Deer Design

We wanted to know more about this creative artist and how long he has been a designer. Check out his full Creative Allies portfolio here and then read on to find out what makes him creative and which artists he finds most inspiring.

Why are you a designer?

Since childhood, I love the art world and it seems like I am very fond of all things “creative”. Because of this, I see design all around me and am almost always wrapped up in a creative project. I want to create art as much as I can.

How did you get started?Design in progress
I majored in visual design in college. I started to develop my creative side while exploring the world of art, illustration and graphic design.

What other artists inspire you? Where do you get your inspiration?

There are so many artists who inspire me. First of all, Rembrandt and Dali; Warhol, Vallejo and also, Rothko. In addition, I get inspired through travel and through what goes on in and around my neighborhood.  Oil Canvas Design

What makes YOU creative?

A cup of coffee and most of all, a smile on my mother’s face because if she is proud then I am happy. 🙂

Finally, what do you enjoy most about submitting to Creative Allies?

I probably like the chance of winning the contests the most. Yet, I also like the challenge of out-of-the-box thinking to turn written requests into good designs that can be enjoyed by everyone. Being able to design art for bands and also companies who are normally out of reach is especially exciting.  As a result, the creative process is fun and unique because the contest is almost always special. Another reason is there is always something cool to look forward to because there is such a wide variety of design requests to always keep me creative.

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