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Stranger Things DesignSamuel Lucas’ winning design to last November’s Inspired by Stranger Things contest was one of our favorite creations of the year.

Artist Portrait“I was really very interested in the contest and had time to do something beautiful. I got inspiration from the predominant colors in the scenes of the series and the dark side that I like to explore in my work. It took me just under two days to do it and I’m honored to be the winner.”

We wanted to find out more about this designer from Portugal and what advice he has for other creatives, ‘strange’ or not.

How did you get started in design?

CD CoverEverything started nine or ten years ago. I did concerts in my village and had a promoter linked to punk rock & hardcore. There was a great need to make posters for publicity so my interest in the world of design & illustration began. I have no school education in arts but I deepened my techniques with many tutorials on Youtube. It really was a snowball of me wanting to do more to help bands with their merchandise and posters. It never stopped until it became something serious and bigger.

Tell us about your design style. Where do you pull your inspiration?

Titus Deck I like to explore a little of everything. I like detail, depth and mixing bright colors.
 My style & inspiration from many things, especially skateboarding and the skate/surf brands drawings that were made twenty years ago. I love surfing and wildlife so I absorb a little of everything and explore as much as possible to make every work I do different from the previous one.

CD Design

There are a lot of punk rock, hardcore and metal bands that are a great source of inspiration for me. Specifically Sum41, Blink 182, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Madball, Parkway Drive, Millencolin and NOFX. These bands always had awesome designs for their CD covers and this somehow affected me and made me want to do the same by working closely with bands (and brands).

Who are some of your favorite artists/designers?

I have several artists that I always follow who have encouraged me (in an indirect way) to enter the design world. I am a fan of Dan Mumford, Godmachine, Coki Greenway, Derek Deal, Horsebites (Richard Minino), Flyland Designs (Brian Allen), Pitchgrim, and Mike Cortada, among many others who are indeed a great inspiration to me.

What does it mean to be creative?

CD Design

For me, being creative means “thinking outside the box”. Exploring new things, getting out of our comfort zone, making our work pleasing to anyone who sees it and making people feel your art. Being creative is to be different; to have ideas and to get through them.

What are some of your favorite design tools?

First of all, I like to work with paper and pencil in the first phase and only then do I use my drawing board (Wacom) to draw. The programs that I like to use are Adobe Photoshop and sometimes the Adobe Illustrator.

Vazva Pray Design

Finally, what advice do you have for other designers and/or creatives?

The advice I have is that they work hard and believe in the work they are doing. Do things out of love and above all, lose many hours of sleep at night because that is the only way we can achieve our goals.

Follow Sam’s Tumblr and check out his Facebook artist page for even more design work. Visit Creative Allies for more incredible artists & to create YOUR own artist portfolio.

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