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Miguel EspinozaWe caught up with 2016 Ally of the Year, Miguel Espinoza, also known as Migspinoza, to showcase more of what this passionate creative has been up to since last year’s big win.
Latin Festival Design
What do you like most about being part of the Creative Allies community?
The level of clients  that come to Creative Allies for design is incredible! I like the variety and quality of the client requests from companies that are in training to musicians of world class. Everything is very great within this community but I think because of the variety of orders that are constantly requested and updated quickly is what I enjoy the most.

“It’s a fresh and dedicated place that stimulates the creativity of the allies.

Tell us about your Echostage win.

I feel excited in each contest that I am recognized in. I am satisfied knowing that my work speaks for itself and works for many issues. When I won for making a panel for the Echostage Club, I was very happy. Echostage is a club ranked among the best in the world and MY design is reflected here!

How do you begin your process to work on a piece?

First, I investigate what I can in the estimated time on the subject. I inject an overdose of information to my brain until I get bored; that is the first step to create something valuable. Then, most of all, I rest for my subconscious to do the rest of the work.

band designWhat does it mean to be creative? KISS This
Being creative means having the ability to build unusual paths, visualize new realities and bring it to the real world. For me, the creative is a traveler who immerses himself in using all his senses to observe, listen and feel experiences of fantasy and shares these experiences with others.

What are some of your favorite design tools?
My headphones and my graphic tablet. I take moments of walking to listen to music and imagine the images in my mind while I potentiate the concepts with music. The digitizing tablet is incredible due to the fact that I can immediately translate my illustrations into the digital world.
Rick and MoreTEACheck out Miguel’s Creative Allies portfolio here¬†and finally, stay tuned for more info on the 2017 Ally of the Year!

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