Ally to Watch: Fernando Sosa Design

As an illustrator, professional comic artist and editor of comic & rock magazines, Fernando Sosa also creates art design for his music heroes.

He joined the Creative Allies community two years ago, when he submitted art for our Amon Amarth and Wolfmother contests. In a recent design contest with KISS, Fernando’s art was chosen by the band members themselves as the second weekly winner.

We sat down to find out more about his winning design and his life-long love KISS.

Where are you from? How does that influence you?
I am from Argentina, the city of Córdoba and I am inspired by the local scene. Having listened to a lot of rock & heavy metal with my friends, I dedicate myself to drawing my music heroes.

How long have you been a fan of KISS? What’s your earliest memory?
Since I was a child. I became a fan after I hearing them at 5 years old! They were my first musical heroes and I was fascinated by their image and music, which still influence me as I still listen to them today.

Tell us about the designs you submitted.

The first is a recreation of the mythical album Destroyer. I wanted to capture the essence of their album cover art as I admire that type of classic art. I thought the way to honor my musical heroes would be to recreate the technique while mixing in cats, my favorite animal in the cartoon style of Disney and the Aristocats.

The second design was more my own style of cartoon drawing as recreated an old urban legend that I was told as a child: that at KISS shows, they stepped on chicks and that Gene had a cow tongue graft.

It’s crazy what we were told for years! Remember there was NO internet so we had little access to information. Their aura of mystery let our imagination fly high!

When do you first remember getting into design?
I’ve studied graphic design from a very young age. I graduated as a graphic designer 26 years ago. Some artists who have inspired me are Richard Corben, Derek Riggs, Ken Kelly, Boris Vallejo, and Simon Bisley.

How do you start your process for working on a piece?

I work traditionally and also use digital techniques. When I start my work, I find myself in front of blank paper. I start sketching with color pencil and define with a graphite pencil. If I do not use digital inking, I use inking with a brush rechargeable that I have. ‘Destroyer’ was made with watered ink, then digitally colored with Photoshop.

How did you develop your style?

It is my very own but I have a variety of influences: B-horror movies, comics, rock music, etc. I took a bit of everything from that mixture and my style emerged.

Where do you pull your inspiration from?
Mainly cinema, comics and music. In addition, children, humor, politics and TV. The life I have lived has helped me to translate my ideas onto paper or into a screen.

Find out more about Fernando & his art on his website and be sure to check out his Creative Allies portfolio.

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