Creative Allies Top Designers Give Tips on How to Win New Gilmore Girls Design Contest

As you may have heard, on November 17th we excitedly announced our latest design contest for wildly popular television show Gilmore Girls. After 10 years, the four new 90-minute installments hit the ground running over this past Thanksgiving holiday, with fans binge-watching the new series on Netflix.


While fans rejoiced its return, artists clambered to submit their artwork for official “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” merchandise. Now, through the design contest, fans can have a concrete, creative imprint on the series.

Our CEO Donald Thompson and two winning designers from the Creative Allies community lend their insight on achieving big wins in our recent article on DailyTarheel.Com.

“The contest format is centered around fan engagement and user engagement,” Thompson says. The contest asks artists to use a favorite character as a theme for original art and illustration submissions. Or, artists can use a provided quote from the show, such as “I need coffee in an IV” or “You’ve been Gilmored.”

Thompson said he is excited for the opportunity to connect a brand with such a large fan base, anticipating 300 to 400 entries.

Fuller Moehagen, the creative director at AKT, a design and merchandising company, recently won the “Orange is the New Black” and Tinashe contests and placed in the Selena Gomez contest. He advises contest designers to keep the end goal in mind.

Gilmore Girls

“Not everything looks good on a T-shirt, the same way not everything looks good framed on a wall,” Moehagen said. “If it’s a T-shirt contest, mock your design on a realistic T-shirt. If it’s a poster contest, mock it in a realistic frame. If you take the extra step to present your design in the right way, it’ll make all the difference.”

Another Creative Allies contest winner, Aaron Morales — whose design became the official Maroon 5 poster — gives his suggestions to fellow designers looking to score big on their work. (continue reading…)


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