Chris Nunes: Exploding from Mod Kids to Instructor

Remember that super fun contest we ran last year in search of the Mod Kids USA film poster?

Find out more about superstar Chris Nunes and his newest venture to keep the Mod Kids world evolving.

“Chris Nunes is not your average 15-year-old from Southern California. He’s become an off-road racing champion before most kids even have a driver’s license. And now he’s hoping to mentor younger drivers looking to follow in his muddy tracks.

Nunes races mini off-road trucks called modified karts, or mod karts for short. Topping out at speeds of 90 mph and able soar into the sky while tearing up a dirt track, the trucks are more than most adults could handle – that is, if they were able to fit into the compact vehicles.

Nunes for the last two years has been a lead character in the Mod Kids USA program, which each season documents and produces a 90-minute film following the lives of​ nine ​off-road racers (aged 12-15) devoted to this high-adrenaline brand of motorsport.”

But now that Chris has outgrown the Mod Kids division, what will he do next?

Check out the full article by Tucker Jenkins hereChris Nunes to find out how Chris will be staying busy with his new venture, Chris Nunes’ School of Hard Knocks.



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