Rick and Morty Calls On Fans to Create T-Shirt Design

When Justin Roulant, co-creator of the intergalactic hit series Rick and Morty wanted to do something special to engage the show’s multi-generational audience, he turned to Creative Allies. We launched the campaign with a tailored project brief to help guide our community of designers and Rick and Morty enthusiasts in creating an uninhibited t-shirt design to commemorate the shows’s global success. The result? Hundreds of must-dimensional designs from across the galaxy.

Fans of the animated series Rick and Morty and fans of design and art kind of go hand-in-hand. With endless creative inspiration to draw from, fans pulled together their most brilliant ideas, submitting 639 highly impressive designs over the course of only a few weeks. Excitement blasted off quickly, with 74,000 artists and aficionados directly engaging with the campaign, and 3.1 million eyeballs getting a glimpse of the contest at least once during it’s existence.

Rick and Morty

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