HBO’s Being Serena: A Superstar Off the Court

What’s it like to be Serena?

serena tennisThis series picks up at the 2017 Australian open. At the same time Serena found out she was pregnant. She recounts this along with her husband, agent and close friends. At the time, no one knew that Serena was pregnant so it was interesting to hear her thoughts as it was all happening. Her pregnancy came as a shock to everyone but ended up being exactly what Serena needed to push herself toward another victory. The way she was able to keep her composure and win was another testament to her abilities as a professional athlete.

After the Australian Open, the series continues to follow her (rather smooth) pregnancy journey and gives an inside look. However, it wasn’t all that simple. Serena battled with complications at her time of birth. Her husband, Alexis, recounts how scary the entire situation was. This leads into the second of this five part series as Serena enters motherhood. Showing that her competitive side isn’t left on the court, you see how this trait flows into other aspects of her life. Including being a parent. Serena talks about how she wants to be the best mother for her daughter and wants everything to be perfect. Seeing her struggle with balancing the sport she loves and her new daughter make up the bulk of this series. But it’s for good reason. It allows viewers to see who Serena really is and where her priorities lie.

Something for Everyone

Serena AlexisBeing Serena doesn’t only cover her family and tennis life. From the royal wedding to Serena’s unique upbringing, there’s something interesting in this series for everyone. To me, the most enjoyable aspect of this whole series are the parts that deal with her relationship with her husband. One entire episode is dedicated to their wedding and you’re able to be right there with her on her special day. As an outsider looking in, it was romantic enough to bring me to tears!

serena alexis weddingWhile Serena and Alexis may look like an odd pair on the surface, their connection is very visible on screen. Alexis is her number one supporter and his respect for her is admirable. You get a very good sense of his love for her through his wedding vows, which you hear in the special wedding episode. (TRY not to cry!)

Following the wedding, you are able to watch Serena as she begins to train for her comeback. This part of the series will keep you on the edge of your seat! For the first time, you see Serena actually struggle at a sport she is famous for. Coming off of her pregnancy and refusing to quit breastfeeding would make training difficult for anyone. But, Serena Williams isn’t just anyone!  She is familiar with adversity but still,  has onscreen battles with her trainer that will make you question if maybe she should give the tennis life up.

To see how Serena balances her new family life and career, tune in to HBO’s Being Serena.

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