Giving Back To Teachers with Reese & K-Mac of The Sports Shop

Creative Allies accompanied Reese and K-Mac from to Neal Middle School in Durham, NC for their annual Backpack for Teachers charity event. The event honors teachers by providing them with backpacks filled with school supplies. We know that many teachers use their own money on classrooms supplies and need this help.

Recognizing The Great Work Of TeachersNeal Middle School, Durham Public Schools, The Sports Shop, Reese & K-Mac, Backpack For Teachers, Creative Allies

Backpack for Teachers at its heart recognizes the efforts of educators. These educators  undertake amazing initiatives to improve the outcomes for the students. Clear to me at this event was the sense of mission the staff at Neal have for educating their kids. Neal is a magnet school emphasizing STEM education for high achieving students from the local community. The staff at Neal is extremely tuned in to the needs of their students, who come from challenging socio-economic backgrounds 

Some of the staff grew up in Durham and went to Neal themselves. Several administrators, including current principal Michael Fuga taught at Neal in past years. One of the initiatives undertaken by the staff at Neal include the implementation exclusively all girl and all boy classes. This initiative leads to students of color being taught science and math by four African-American women. It is also cool to see the voices of the educators and administrators amplified at this type of recognition event.

Teachers Need Our Support

Neal Middle School, Durham Public Schools, The Sports Shop, Reese & K-Mac, Backpack For Teachers, Creative AlliesI wasn’t aware just how much responsibility teachers have for providing materials to their students. The efforts of educators and administrators like these should receive the external support needed. There’s always more we can do to support educators. Backpack For Teachers shows how businesses can take steps to make sure that needed supplies are provided. It sends a message that teachers matter. Given the kind of conversations currently surrounding compensating educators in North Carolina, that message is a very important one.

It is encouraging to see so many different organizations involved in sponsoring the event. Along with organizations such as Durham Public School Foundation, Coastal Federal Credit Union, and the Banks Foundation, Creative Allies was proud to be a part of this event and look forward to doing more community events like this next year.


Check out the highlights of the event here:

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