Avengers: Infinity War Movies Review: Summer’s Super Blockbuster

Isaiah Cheek, Avenger, MoviieThe worldwide anticipation for the Avengers movie has been built up to this moment. In 2018 I can’t even speak of going to the cinema without The Avengers: Infinity War brought up afterwards.

I’ll go ahead and expose myself immediately: I’m a huge fan of DC films. Always have been. Always will be.

This being the case, I prayed my expectations for Infinity War would be upheld.


Plot For Days

The film’s story follows both the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. Their main objective is to put a halt on the plans of Thanos. Thanos is on a raging treasure hunt to get some powerful objects called infinity stones. The stones being Power, Reality, Space, Mind, Time, and Soul.

As a lead in this movie, Thanos assumes a key role in the story and brings on a major fight for the entire universe. I’m only going to sum up the plot candidly to prevent any spoiler bombs. Because let’s just be honest: spoilers are  not nice.


An Object To Effects

Avengers, Marvel, Content, Movie ReviewThe directors of this cinematic blockbuster are the Russo Brothers (Anthony and Joseph). Viewing the film, I can definitely sense their vision. The multitude of representational environments are captured well.

The production of the film definitely isn’t rushed or inexpensive. Given the immense $300-400 million budget, however, I expected to be as immersed as I was with James Cameron’s 2009 legendary Avatar. This fact just can’t be dismissed nor am I able to get over it completely.

Not going to say the effects aren’t good, I just simply expected (and wanted) more. The film’s area in effects left me underwhelmed knowing the huge price paid for it. But maybe I’m just severely keen on graphic eye-candy.


Queens & Kings of the Night

The main thing to appreciate about this picture is the massive cast. From the ever-talented Robert Downey Jr. as IronAvengers, Movie Review, Content Man. To the modern sci-fi queen Zoe Saldana as Gamora. Not going to do too many shout-outs here as each actor equally put their all into making the film’s characterization spectacular.

While there’s a division of battles that occur around in the universe, it is pure awesomeness to witness the entire ensemble of heroes having a fair share of screen time. Because of how well each of the characters have been built and created by Marvel, any underdevelopment of characters is nonexistent.


Avengers: That’s all folks!

I can see how this movie will be valued with audiences and the film industry for some time. Despite any personal feelings towards the film’s effects, I’m able to appreciate Infinity War’s unique take on plot and the addition of some pretty dope intergalactic scenes. To convey a complex story into a movie such as this one, the writing and direction of Infinity War is very well done.

Given the numerous journeys you’re taken on in this film, there isn’t one that you won’t enjoy with plenty of laughs along the way. Marvel’s most beloved heroes are wrapped into one glorious package for fans and newcomers alike. Therefore, I guess I’ve gotta say: hats off to Marvel for this one!


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