Pancakes and Booze – One of the Coolest Art Shows Around

An art show called Pancakes and Booze – I didn’t even have to spend time coming up with a great title for this one!

In my effort to get out of the house more in 2018 I was invited to this event in Raleigh, North Carolina last month. Pancakes and Booze. Apparently this is a thing. It happens all over the country but of course is new to me. The Raleigh event is at the Lincoln Theater, a pretty cool venue downtown.

Why So Much?

First things first. It costs $8 to park. Me being the cheapskate that I am, I’m not happy walking in. Tickets to the event were only $12 online and no mention of this grotesque amount of money for parking.  Anyway, I’ll get over it eventually. Once inside, the first thing I see is a crazy line for the pancakes. Must be some good ass pancakes. We decide to keep walking and get food later.


Music, Art and Artists Everywhere

pancakes, booze, art, music, art showThe set up is nice. There are probably 20-30 different artists. Some paint, some make jewelry, someone is even doing henna tats. It’s pretty cool. But it’s small, meaning intimate which is nice. There is a DJ on stage, so music is playing and it’s just a great vibe overall.


We take our time and browse through all of the different art pieces. Afterprince, jimmy hendrix, art show stopping by a few spaces, I realize I can just ask these artists any questions I want. This is pretty cool. Getting a chance to chat and understand where the passion comes from is great.

Of course I see a great image of Prince. Have to stop to browse this one! I understand Jimi Hendrix is right below, but Prince is really the reason for the stop and stare.

It’s really interesting to me how people are so creative. Some of the artists just started recently and then we meet a gentleman who has been painting for over 10 years but only recently got the courage to show and sell his work. You know I had to buy something from him.


Pancakes Are For Everyone

art show, pancakes and boozeOne thing I love about art, similar to music, is that there is something for everyone. There are so many different types of people at this show. From gender to age to ethnicity – it’s a very diverse crowd. Everyone is here for the love (or curiosity) of art.

We decide to take a break from the art and check out the pancakes. I can’t lie, they are good. Pancakes with bananas, chocolate chips, blueberries and syrup. Fantastically delicious. Too bad for those in line behind us, I get the last of the blueberries and they run out of bananas shortly after.


art show, pancakes, boozeAfter the pancakes – no booze for me because it wasn’t free – we check out the artists on the second floor. Similar to the first, but different types of art.

If it doesn’t speak to me I’ll keep moving but the beauty is really more in the fact that there is so much art. And each artist is so different. There is abstract art, superhero art and a little bit of raunchy stuff. Not surprising they put the raunch upstairs.

This experience might be exactly like an art show is supposed to be, but it was different for me. I really don’t attend that many gallery shows. You can check out a short video we did with images from the show and meet Alex Figueroa, a cool artist we met there from New York. 

I had a great time and highly recommend checking out a Pancakes and Booze event near you.


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