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ArtistIndonesian designer Pradika Lahitama Reffananda goes by Prap Artworks in our creative community. Ever since our Slipknot t-shirt design contest back in 2015, Prap has been submitting super impressive art.

art designEven though he hasn’t won a design contest yet, we have taken notice of his incredible work and wanted to some shine light on this rising star!

What do you do for a living where you live?

I’m a painter and designer in Indonesia. I am a creative worker.

witch designWhy are you a designer?

I like to be a creative person. I love drawing, painting, and all the activities that make me creative. Every day, I draw for practice, private projects, commission or contests!

How do you begin the process for a design?

First of all, coffee every morning! Then, I simply sketch. Once I find something interesting, I will work deeper.

Design How would you describe your style? What are some of your favorite design tools?

My style is painting: manual or digital painting. My favorite weapon is my brush and acrylic or oil paint. I’ve even used my blood! I also use Wacompro and PS for digital painting.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Jed Leiknes and Dave Rapoza.

Album DesignWhat advice to you have for fellow creatives?

Be different! Study and practice everyday and always be yourself!

Follow Prap on Instagram and check out his full Creative Allies portfolio here.

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