Ally to Watch: A.G. Tama Design

A.G. Tama Design

Arief Gunawan Pratama a.k.a A.G. Tama is a graphic designer living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Joining our design community in 2012, A.G. has entered over two dozen contests and has fun & creative work has won numerous awards from AllPosters.

Jefferson Airplane WinnerEarlier this summer, A.G. was a randomly selected winner on National Give Something Away Day, winning this Jefferson Airplane inspired shirt.

When asked what he loves most about Creative Allies, he says “First of all, I really love music. Creative Allies is like a child finding the perfect playground. It’s a honor to possibly create artwork for my favorite musician/band. ”

Take a look at some of A.G.’s award winning work and then read on to find out how this colorful artist pushes himself to stay creative.

Why do you design?

There is a quote that I live by that says ‘a designer is an agent of change’. As a designer, I believe that we can bring changes not only for ourselves but also for society. Through my artwork, I do my best to offer a different point of view and furthermore, a visual solution to seeing the world in a different way.

How did you get started?
I started as a junior designer after I finish my study around 2007. Then I joined a company to gain graphic design experiences just like all fresh graduates do in my country. After I resigned from a clothing company in late 2012, I started freelancing and because of this, my artwork now focuses on t-shirt, posters, book covers, merchandise etc. It’s way more fun.

What other artists inspire you and where do you get your inspiration?
There’s a few artist out there I’ve idolize. Generally, I like an artist based on their style, detail, technique or how they execute themes. I am very impressed by Christopher Lovell and Dan Mumford because of their attention detail.

For me, inspiration is everywhere. I can find it in a book or comic I read, in music I’ve heard and/or in a circumstances that affect my life. Being part of the Creative Allies community and seeing the work of my peers is inspiring as well because I am able to see in other’s creative minds. A design community is a beautiful place as much as an artistic paradise.

Finally, what makes YOU creative?

“Kepepet” is a Javanese verb for someone who can take quick action on a critical condition. I almost always like to put myself in ‘critical conditions’ because it makes me stay alert with the deadline and also keeps me away from laziness. In addition, this method pushes me to think creative nonstop. The variety of creative briefs offered by Creative Allies also keep my creative wheels spinning because there is often something new and most of all, fun!

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