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Leonardo Jimenez, known as Petit Fox, has been part of our design community for four years. After winning several design contests, we had to get to know more about this creative from “the land of coffee”.

Where are you from and what is your occupation?

I’m from Colombia, the land of coffee and beautiful women (and flowers, too). I work as an artist/illustrator and graphic designer for 2 local brands, as well as freelance.

DesignWhy are you a designer?

I’m mostly an illustrator/artist but removing labels… I love being able to show graphically the way I see the world.

How did you get started?

Well, I used to spend hours and hours on Paint (that Microsoft default thing) doing in-existent covers for nonexistent albums of my favorite music at the time. Then, I was introduced to Photoshop and I remember using the clone stamp to clone rays in stormy landscapes. That was the only thing I was able to do at that moment but it started everything!

Jazz MusicTell us about a previous design contest win and how you felt?

I’ve knew about Creative Allies a long time ago and decided to enter to several contests but I didn’t win a single one. I quit for a while, crying on my cave…nah, just kidding. A few months later, I came back and said to myself “I’m winning this contest, because I AM WINNING. PERIOD” (before even doing the design ????). It was a contest for All Poster about music. I love Jazz so I decided to simply go for it. I avoided doing a random music poster even knowing that the first price wasn’t about a particular genre like Jazz. I was pretty pleased with the result.

Finally, a month later, I read my mail and I saw WINNER for that contest and i was like (in slow mo) “O.M.G that affirmation worked”. It was “just” $100 but I was happier about winning. That was my first winning experience here on CA so thank you Creative Allies!

How do you start your process for working on a piece?

It’s very random. It could be in my mind out of nowhere or looking a photo and say “Ah, I could do something like that” or “I would add this and that”. 

The one I like the most is when I’m doing any design or illustration that “talks” to me. Like whispering, “You should do this”. I think it’s like Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working”.

ArtTell us about your design style. Where do you pull your inspiration?

For my entries on CA, I go wild and don’t get attached to any style. In my more personal work, I have more of a painterly feeling. Distortions, unfinished stuff and things like that.

What are some of your favorite design tools?

Pencil and that malleable eraser gum. I would love to try Oils soon.

Who are some of your favorite artists/designers?

Mostly traditional painters like Malcolm Liepke, Erik Jones, Daniel Segrove, Emilio Villalba, Felicia Forte and the great James Jean. Plus digital masters like Ilya Kuvshinov and a TON more!

ArtFavorite book(s)?

TWIST, a story about the relationship of a little girl with a kidnapper. I even did a portrait inspired by the book

What do you like best about being part of the Creative Allies community?

Its complexity and variety. I mean, there is a lot of different styles to watch. When I’m not participating in a contest, I like to explore the submissions. I always find very very good pieces and have to vote for them, of course!

ArtWhat does it mean to be creative?

To feel, see, understand the world with a broader vision. We create because we see things that no one else does.

Follow Leo on Instagram and check out his full Creative Allies portfolio here.

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