2015 Ally of the Year Interview: Fourscore

2015 was a great year in the Creative Allies world. We paired with a huge range of artists to create incredible designs for t-shirts, album covers, tour posters, postcards, and more. But without you, our independent designers and fans, none of this would be possible. We want to thank you for sharing your passions and ensuring another successful, creative year.

Part of celebrating the close of one year and the start of the next is recognizing the fourscore Twisted Christmas Winnerdesigner who produced the most consistent, quality, and integrative work with us. With your help, we determined our 2015 Ally of the Year to be Fourscore, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer from Bandung, Indonesia (the “City of Flowers”). Fourscore’s intricate designs won him multiple contests and some well-deserved attention in a design realm that was actually quite new to him.
We spoke with Fourscore about his inspiration, process, and how he sees his relationship growing with Creative Allies in the future:

How does it feel being awarded Ally of the Year?
I really appreciate it! When I became one of the finalists, I did not expect to win because there are so many great artists and designers in this community. I’m very grateful.

How long have you been designing?
I started designing in high school, but I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. It’s always been a hobby.

What mediums do you use?
I use Adobe Photoshop to design, but I usually start by drawing with just a paper and pencil.

lost_in_hell-SMWhat Inspires you?
There are so many people who have influenced me as a designer, but I am particularly impressed by the style of Kim Jung Gi [Korean illustrator and comic book artist]. He has always been an inspiration to me. His work is so detailed, and he draws with very interesting, dramatic angles. In something like my “Zombie Apocalypse” piece you can see angles like that.

Tell us about your process, from initial concept to completed design. What gets you going? What slows you down?
Coming up with a concept is actually the most difficult part for me. I look for inspiration in movies, comics, on the Internet, but once I start sketching I go easily into detail, and the process goes quickly.prepare_for_apocalypse-sm

What have been some of your favorite pieces, contests, or moments working with Creative Allies this year? What would you like to see or be a part of in the future?

A couple of my favorite band contests were Hollywood Undead and Slipknot, but unfortunately I couldn’t participate in those. My favorite project was Zombie Apocalypse because the detail of it was such a challenge. I had to draw so many zombies.

How did you first hear of Creative Allies? What about it first appealed to you, and what keeps you coming back?
I heard about Creative Allies from a friend who was involved. He had won a couple contests, and it seemed like a fun challenge. And it was: it pushed me to work more and in different areas. I had never designed posters, album covers, or anything like that before. I might like to see Creative Allies offer different kinds of contests, like logos or webpages in the future. Everyone has different, unique skills.

the_pawprint-SM  mystic_goatt_SM

For more of fourscore’s work with Creative Allies,

check out his Profile Page.

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